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A jam entry

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Submitted by Rokas (@rokasvo) with 3 days, 59 minutes before the deadline

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Just as fun as the last time I played. The expanded journey was satisfying and very much appreciated. I have two questions: 1) what kind of music (if any) are you going to have playing during the game and 2) how much of the full game would you say is in this demo? Estimated completion time was about 18 minutes reading everything and failing about 4 of the puzzles 5 times or more.

Besides those questions this was a treat and has lot of potential to take off once released. Hope to see more from you soon! Happy devving!


This was pleasant to read, thanks.

Music: I do hope to have music within the game, but I can't into digital composition, which is making it likely that you'll hear short pieces of acoustic guitar throughout and perhaps some ambience every now and then. For the duration: I would like to have at least 1 hour of polished gameplay, but that depends on me not having to resort to filler levels -- it should not be shorter than 30 min.

In the level with the sword zombie, are you not supposed to destroy him? I only destroyed the chest and still moved on.

Otherwise nice and juicy. Maybe consider having a speedup button for both animations and text.


You're right, the zombie is meant to be killed, my mistake. Thanks for playing. How long would you estimate did it take to complete the game?

I didn't keep track of my playtime. Probably 15-20 minutes? I know that's not really long enough to justify a speed-up button, but I'm a bit of a speedreader.


Nah, I was just curious since a number of people got soft-locked early and some played it before. I'll try to include some speed options, since I know what difference small tweaks can make to the entire experience.

My windows version of the game froze after winning the level at 4:31 in AWK's video. I could no longer move or do anything. On my next playthrough, it froze after I died during the level at 12:02 because I didn't respawn.

I like the aesthetic, but I feel like the text should be skippable somehow. Especially since the gameplay sections are so well-paced.

Developer (Edited 1 time)

Thanks for playing. The freezing is a serious issue I'm investigating within this release.

Did you want to skip the text on your first play-through as well? 

No, I liked the story and I felt the tidbits were a good "reward" after each level. It was only during my later playthroughs that I wanted to skip them to get back to the point where it froze for me.


Thanks again. This reinforces the idea I had with only showing the text once and then having it as an option in the settings.

huh i must have subconsciously copied your style for my game

i played it for 5 seconds then it crashed because my computer can't run godot, but it felt very smooth for those 5 seconds

i like the brown, very gameboy, but maybe you could test different colour palettes?


>but it felt very smooth for those 5 seconds


Yeah, there's 13 alternative palettes.

Pretty good, glad you've expanded on it since dd16. Still not sure if you can sell it, since it feels like not a very long game, but i guess as a phone game or something it might be a lot more succesful.

Props on using the shit out of that 3x3 field, every level was pretty unique.

Very sleek design,  smooth gameplay and visuals. There's really not anything wrong here, and it's a nice understandable experience overall, though I'm unsure how much more you can get out of this with only a 3x3 grid, but I enjoy the current puzzles. Is this near completion?

It took a bit for me to understand what you were asking of me on the 5th tutorial room, but I get it now.

The narrative is nice and understandable, and I'm encouraged to complete each level because of this.

As the game goes on, I'm progressively enjoying the puzzles more and more. I'd say that's a good indicator that your pacing is on point so far. I am very impressed in general. I am noticing that adding these new features of different enemies and altered room shapes is adding to the depth.

You've made so much progress and I like it all a lot, great job so far.

(Edited 1 time)

I recorded a playthrough of your game.

This is a pretty interesting take on Sokoban. I always like seeing these games that take certain genres that are usually considered simple and doing something interesting with them. Have you considered having a necrodancer sorta mode? Also the resolution is kinda weird but i think it works for this kinda game. Do you plan on doing a mobile port also? Anyways keep up the great work!