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Insect Adventure DD16View game page

You're a bug that can smash other bugs
Submitted by Mayo (@MAYOFORCE) — 2 days, 10 hours before the deadline

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Okay, I have a ton of things to say.

Player Movement

I can already tell that you like Metroid from the gameplay alone and I realized that the moment the little insect started spinning in the air. I think that the amount of time it takes for the player to start movement at their max player input speed (even while dashing) is a tiny bit too long, making it feel a little stiff.  Increase the amount it adds a little bit more. I think it would also help that the player can keep on moving even after landing from a jump. The reason why I say this is because the insect is a little guy, but he doesn't feel like a guy. If these movement properties are still desired, I think they can be applied based on the hammer he has. So like, the small wooden hammer wouldn't affect him much, but an iron hammer would a tad bit more. It's an idea I'm throwing out.

Now when it comes to aerial movement though, I wouldn't change a single thing. Jumps are tight, the spin jumping is as expected and faithful to Metroid, and yes, I can infinite walljump. Make sequence breaking a thing!

The only thing I didn't like in the core movement options was the way rolling is handled. Two buttons for two directions are a bit odd on keyboard, but I can see how it would be useful on a gamepad with shoulder buttons.

The Hammer

Swinging feels good, hard, and obeys directional input even mid swing. That captures the feeling of swinging around a big 'o' hammer very well. I also found out that swinging the hammer in the air lets the insect float for a little bit, but with the right timing, he can actually float up a bit higher, like if it was the game's version of bomb jumping. Granted, it takes a while to get to point B doing so and the timing almost has to be frame perfect. Keep it in though for those that like that kind of stuff. Doing the multi-hit with hammer was satisfying, but I have yet to figure out how to do it on command rather than spamming on my first run.

Visuals and Theme

I dig the visuals. I think it's nice that there are some tiles that aren't physical backdrops because it promotes exploration much more just like how it is in, you guess it, Metroid. Figuring out where I can go is part of the fun. The game is atmospheric, but I find the fog effect to be a little too fast, which disrupts that immersion slightly. It's also a pretty dark setting for such a character, ball cap and all. Having a juxtaposition in the beginning with like a bright setting before he gets thrown down there will help that out more, but I think you have something like that planned anyway. Good pixel art.


I think this covers all of my first thoughts. The core game is very engaging which makes me want to play it more. I look forward to more progress from you!


Thank you so much for your feedback. Right now I'm priortizing making menus easier to understand, but after that the ground movement should be an easy tweak or two. You can go into the options menu to make is so rolling is done with 1 button, or by double-tapping left/right if that's what you prefer. I'm not intending the air attack to let you hover infinitely, but it is neat to see how much you've looked into the core mechanics of the game. Your jump attack changes when you're spinning and the ground attacks combo differently if you change the timing of the third attack. Also, there are a couple places you could sequence break and a few extra items you could find with wall jumping. Your enthuasism makes me want to go back to your game again.


Controls are horrible tbh.  Why confirm key is not enter and cancel key is not escape (two keys you really shouldn't bind). I tried to reassign them, which was extremely complicated and assigning your movement keys changes the key to navigate the menu. just enable mouse for the menus.

So many times I tried to jump over something but then noticed I can just pass through them.

Movement is too slow. Character stops after landing, which is annoying.  In game menus are too hard to use. I don't know what the fuck i am doing when I open a menu in game.

I did something, my character whistled and a bug kidnapped me. It went to a different screen and my character was not visible anymore.


If you fucked up the controls by rebinding them, the best way to do this is to delete the Options.arr file in the Saves folder and open the game. The controls will be reverted to default.  Rebinding controls was one of the least thought out priorities I had when designing the game, that'll be my next project. Using the mouse is a great idea.

Other than adding button prompts at the bottom of the screen whenever a text box appears I don't know how I could simplify using the menu more. That being said, when I open the pause menu right now I can see how people can get really confused.

When a bug appeared and kidnapped you, it was because you used an item that summons it. It's supposed to take you to the last place you saved as a shortcut but it sounds like it's still bugged. Thank you for your criticism.

Submitted (1 edit)

pressing Z does not start anything, stuck on the splash screen.

Developer (1 edit)

I changed up the title screen a little, I think it should work now. The options.arr sets the 'Confirm' key to key 88, which on most PCs is the 'Z' key. It might be different on some other computers, especially if you aren't a native english speaker.