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A jam entry

Coal Demo Day 16View game page »

Now with flybys
Submitted by Rohit with 2 days, 23 hours before the deadline

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I got stuck/trapped in the first run so I did two (I did beat it the second time). Been watching engine development for what must be a couple years now. Random thoughts in no particular order: playing a test sound when changing the sound level would be nice. At 1080 the gui button collisions were a bit off. My biggest problem was mouse input felt like it needed filtering or smoothing or dampening or some additional ramp. It was jittery with small movements. Jumping while going up a ramp maybe just happened to be the same amount of height change, and maybe it'd be unrealistic, but it felt like the jump was negated (and therefore buggy). When enemies die, it'd be nice to keep being able to get hit feedback on their death-animation bodies, otherwise it feels like suddenly my hits stopped registering. (plus who doesn't like shooting dead bodies?) The pickup item casting shadows onto the viewmodel weapon was a nice touch. Biggest criticism is movement against walls, frequently felt like I was "caught" on it while trying to move in parallel to it. Also going over small inclines like the bottom of a ramp, it'd be nice to be able to step onto it, the height that stops me feels like its not significant enough to stop me. Switching to a weapon negates reloading :) But overall cool progress, engine has a very theify feel, and the plasma gun felt good to shoot. The pistol felt unreliable with fire rate.


Thanks for the feedback. I'm strangely unable to recreate the inconsistent sliding you experience at 6:06 in the first video, but I'll look into improving my collision code. I'm also mortified that you escaped into the chamber past the red key D:

-walking speed is extremely slow, would have expected (and wanted) quake pacing
-walking should be the hold-shift option, running the default
-as with the last demo, you can't tell when to stop shooting an enemy
-shooting sounds good, but the sound doesn't match the visuals in terms of impact
-bug: running against a wall at 30 degrees can cause you to eiher halt or pass through the wall
-falling out of the map does not kill you
-falling through the walls while running is can be achieved pretty consistently, ramps help
-no crosshair is an interesting choice
-the ambient sounds don't fit the area
-dark corners are too dark and bright areas - too bright
-the walls are way too glitchy, restarted at least 5 times now
-no idea why the secret areas unlock, still
-would have made the jumps if running was the default

Would play the shit out of a campaign in this.


Thanks for the feedback.

- Running will be the default in future builds. Walking speed may also be adjusted.

- You can select 3 crosshairs in the options menu. Click the "down" arrow button below the "Always Run" checkbox. I will try to make this more noticeable in the future.

It is kinda hard to see when a monster is dead.

Player sticks to walls. The movement can definitely be improved!

Is this your own engine?


Yes, this is my own engine.

I know you already saw the video from the thread but I'm posting these for the sake of being thorough

Made a video of me playing it with my critique in the description

There's a 50 million of differently sized "pixels" on this screnshot alone, you might want to pick a texel density and stick to it.

Sprint button is literally useless, there's no reason you shoul move as slow as you do, without Auto-run on.

Weapons are weak, monsters are pushovers, a solid foundation, but a Quake-like is as good as the level design is, so keep working on it!

Video review!