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A jam submission

Elements Torn [Demo Day 16]View game page

Tactical magical elemental combat
Submitted by Arkbrik — 2 days, 23 hours before the deadline

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As I said the last time, the mechanics are great!The addition of mouse movement is nice, but somehow, I preferred the map you had in the last demo day. I feel this one is too padded out and there's too much to walk about while seeing only the same copypasted tree. 

I noticed that if you start a battle with your characters in a bad position (like when none of them can land a hit without moving), it can lead to a really hard fight. What if instead you had a setup phase at the start of the battle where you can choose your characters' lineup?  That would maybe prevent frustration if a player lost a battle just because of bad luck with the enemy's position he couldn't see in advance. (This was just me theorycrafting, feel free to ignore)

Great job, I'm excited to see you progress!

Is really nice how you can control everything from the mouse now.
Still loving the inventory and fight mechanics.
It would be nice if you could increase the walking speed on the map by pressing a button or having an special item, like some old rpgs used to do, since the areas are bigger now.
Art is starting to look somewhat incosistent to me, with some things looking more detailed while others remain very simple and minimalistic. Hope to see more progress on this project soon. Good Job!


"Open the menu, and add me and my spell to the party."

Nice and new way to tactical, but the decision to have 1 spell and 1 move per turn, when the enemy moves independently is a weird one. Being alone and spamming wind push seems like an OP strat.

Also, those tree hitboxes are annoying as hell, please let me pass through!


i played this during DD14 so that's what i'm going to compare this version to

areas are too big, the previous version had these small pokemon-like areas where it would only take a few seconds to get into a new battle, in this one there's a lot of downtime

art is placeholder-tier and the characters are especially awful-looking

i like the new damage split thing and the gameplay is still fun, but i think there needs to be more story but this might just be because of the increased amount of downtime

overall this does look like you've been working for four months on it so gj