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A jam entry

Negativa PoeticaView game page »

Project vertical shooter.
Submitted by Lintire (@Lintire) with 2 days, 1 hour before the deadline

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I liked the general concept of the old school wave movement on the enemies mixed with the free movement of the player. That said, I wasn't a fan of the enemies that go "berserk" and rush back and forth on the screen. The speed of your normal shot just makes for an unfun experience when having to deal with those enemies if you don't have a laser to burn. Adding to that, a resource bar/gauge to show when/if you can use your laser would be a nice QoL addition.

Probably the best thing I can say is that it actually does have potential if you are willing to give it the time and care it needs to blossom!


Ah, there is actually an "option" or floating particle that spawns with some particle effects once you've hit the lazer spawn limit, I guess it isn't that noticeable at the moment.

Anyway, thanks for playing! Got some ideas how to make the base gameplay more fun, righting down to shooting the screamboys.

I think my main problems with the enemy waves was the jumpy movement, which made it kinda hard to hit the last enemy standing and sometimes felt like it was more based on luck whether my shots connect or not (although I'm probably just a salt mine, so take with a grain of salt). Also, I'm not entirely sold on that last enemy sound effect.

What I enjoyed most were the boss patterns. The music was also really good, and the graphics are very charming. I'd also say that I like the style you're going for with those Space Invaders-esque waves and pattern-y boss fights. All in all, you have me looking forward to the next version!


There are plans to make the last enemy standing scream effect even more obnoxious and constant. It will irritate everyone, making them close the game.

And cheers! I guess quirkiness is the thing that's going on here. This whole demo day thing has been pretty good with figuring out what people find fun and/or don't.

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Controls aren't very satisfying. Certain portions of the wall prevent you from moving up or down if you collide with it. The inability to shoot sideways/down, the enemy movement, and the large hitbox make it so you have to either burn a laser or wait for the enemies to loop around if they get more than 3/4ths down the screen.

On the enemy side, the patterns are kinda dull. For both bosses, the best strat is to stay in the lower-center area of the screen and sidestep as needed. The Queen actually encourages this with her laser, which has little windup, a windup that looks like her vomit attack, and a safezone of 10% of the screen. Putting some spread on the gun could help, since it'd incentivize getting close. It would also let players deal with the hailstorms of slow homing missile that happen if you don't burn your laser on wave 4(5?).

I did 3 playthroughs. I struggled on my first, ran into a game-ending bug on the second (pic related, I think the game managed to skip the boss wave), and 1cc'ed the last. I'm a SHMUP fan, so I look forward to you tidying up and giving it its own charm.

Edit: Also, if you want to make cool patterns, look into component-based design. If you think of any modification of the bullet (move down, rotate, homing, etc.) as a component and play around with the values and order of these components, then you'll end up with interesting organic patterns.


Thanks for the feedback, dude, all taken on board!
These are some pretty significant issues and I've gone ahead and written them down. Cheers, yeah, gonna be a lot of work to make this one worth playing.

Controls are too stiff, add some acceleration to make it possible smaller movements. your bullets are too slow comparing to enemy movement speed when they go crazy, it is pretty much just luck to hit them in those states


Easy as, man! Yeah the acceleration is there, it's just... backwards. Starts off with a boost. Not sure how I fucked that one up.

Do have a couple of idea for making it much easier to hit the screamo boys, though, so that should work out fine. First level. Meant to be easy.

It certainly has a style to it. A weird one, but it's a style.

The projectile paths seemed kinda too easy for a shmup, i barely had to move from the bottom dead center.


Cheers, man! I'll take weird. Weird is good.

And yeah, the general plan seems to be to make the first level easy and then ramp it up from there. So for now, I guess it's just easy and weird.