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A jam entry


are you anime enough to save the planent ????
Submitted by Thumbtack with 2 days, 22 hours before the deadline

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  • Cute protagonist.
  • its just like my japanese animes.
  • I think I saw a mixel or two in there but maybe it was just my imagination
  • Needs screen shake when punching enemies dead.
  • Double jumping doesnt proc so good when jumping between two walls id add some wiggle room to it.
  • The down attack is rad.
  • I gave up on a lava screen because i am a retard and jumped into it 100 times when punching an enemy.

I love the sound effects and the game over screen. The spin kick and dive kick attacks are wonderful to use. Personally, I hate double tap to run/dash in everything but that's just me.

Sound effects are fuckin lit. It felt pretty great to punch skeletons. The reach of the normal attack might be a bit short, but nothing game breaking.  Hard to tell at times what is deliberate glitches and what is left in for fun. During the first two bosses(first skeleton head and his ultimate form) I seemed to be getting all my health back with ease without really running for the dropping hearts.

The jump could be a bit higher, felt like I had to stop my momentum  at time and really push my jump to make it up some of the ledges.

Also, the dialogue and effects are honestly pretty fun.

Was having fun up until the airplane level boss, gave up after he flew permanently out of screen for the 6th time with a seemingly empty healthbar and kept attacking me from out of bounds.


i'm sorry ;_; I forgot to add a death condition for the robot guy, I hope I didn't waste too much of your time since that's the end of the demo

Thanks for playing though ! your game is coming along super comfy and cool too ;)

I gave up on the airplane boss. It's very frustrating compared to all of the previous bosses. Things I'd change:

  • Stop the boss flying further out of range the lower its health gets (or at least it seemed to be doing that). Every time I died it was when the boss had < 20% health and I was just chasing after it / never jumping high enough to hit it. Maybe even give it a phase where it's guaranteed to fly close to the ground.
  • Reduce the randomness of the phases. It's a bit annoying when it shoots rockets, then lasers almost immediately, then lasers again right after the laser stops.
  • Add health drops like for the other bosses.

Other than that, nice meme game. I assume the D key rotating the view is just a debug thing you left in?

Developer (Edited 1 time)

Yeah Airplane boss is unbeatable right now, i'mma fix it right away. There's a whole mess of debug keys that I forgot about too lol

Thanks for playing though :)

also where did your game go :(

I'm working on my game again actually. Will hopefully post some progress soon...

Pretty fun to play. Player movement feels a little slow to me. I think I bugged the first boss twice, but I'm not sure... is difficult to know with this kind of games. He got stuck on the ground during his first form and couldn't move at all making him an easy kill. He killed me on his second form and when the intro cutscene started playing again I unconciously pressed enter to skip it and seems I skipped the whole fight becase it went to a really buggy screen with him complaining about being killed. Again not sure if any of that was intended or not. As khryse said, if you tone down the intentional bad stuff a little bit you would have an excelent and really fun game


Heyo thanks for playing :)

The first boss is pretty glitched, I thought it was funny so I left it in but i'll probably change it now

The second boss apparently dies if you hit the enter key (??) I think I left a debug key in haha, thanks for letting me know

I don't know if I can tone down the "intentional bad stuff" because it's kinda the whole joke but it's most important that the game is fun & doesn't break. (I might make the sound effects less loud and annoying) 

No problem, I'm glad I could help.
I know that feel, is not real gamedev if you didn't forget a debug key somewhere.
And don't worry game is really fun.
Looking forward the next Demo!


next demo is hopefully going to be a full release my dude :)))


Made a video of me playing it with my critique in the description. its blocked worldwide right now but im waiting for youtube to remove the audio


video game


If I pulled out the memes, would you die?

Memes are... meh

Sound effects are annoying.

Died to boss and got the most annoying sound effects and jokes, then had to close it.

Overall it is promising, graphical wise it is pretty cool but those couple annoying features are really keeping it down

Oh and you can punch, double-tap and pretty much do everything while in the main menu. You can't see the character, but the punch effects do appear anyway.

Wow, i was sure somebody memed me, because everything seemed broken for two screens straight, but then it actually got really good. And i mean, really good.

Honestly, drop the mixels and the meme premise, but keep the goofy stuff like tommy-gun skeletons (and if the art is yours, that's great, keep doing it) and everything. This really could be a fantastic game if you take it a tiny more seriously.

If you hold A and double-tap, the screen will shake, but no dash is going on.

Feels like you should be able to punch upwards, with how many enemies are above you.

Check out Noitu Love, your game reminded me of it.

Nice meme game.

No really, it's actually pretty good despite the obvious intentionally bad stuff like lag from thousands a particles per kill and intentionally bad graphics and textboxes.  Unironically fun at parts too

Fucking great!

Haven't played it entirely yet but I dig the story and the humor.  Got stuck at the Big Fucking made of heads boss. Will try to beat him later.


- Some things in the game feel a lot like artificial difficulty, the heads boss for example has some attacks that are unavoidable most of the time and it can be a bit frustrating.

- Some zones are very easy but end with a harder part, the problem here is that if you die in the hard part you need to go through all the easy stuff again, which makes it feel a bit like a chore.

-I'm guessing the framerate drops when playing explosion sounds are intentional, and I kind of like the effect it causes, but not 100% sure about it.

By the way, runs on a Mac with Wine.