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A jam entry

Seek EtylivView game page »

Submitted by Rokas (@rokasvo) with 2 days, 22 hours before the deadline

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No comment section on game page, posting it here. I think certain parts of your tutorial are cryptic at best and serve no purpose at worst given the amount of limited actions the player can take in your demo either way.

This for example doesn't seem to mean anything at face value. I marked what you want me to do in red so you know I understand(despite having the option to figure it out with trial by error), but adding the character on the side image behind an arrow I've marked with blue would help figure it out instantly. On the bug side of things I found nothing but surprise at you having already fixed a potential issue with the chest opening when getting pushed to a corner, good work on that. Best of luck, this game seems interesting.

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  • Very aesthetically appealing
  • Communication is perfect for learning how to play. Love the simplicity of the 'tutorial' aspect
  • Segmented statements in between learning mechanics caused me to often forget what I had last read, but I got the gist of it, as ambiguous as it was.
  • Sound design and overall feel of movement is very crisp, feels great along with the screen transitions

Curious to see where you go from here! Keep up the good work

It's impressive how you manage to get the movements and sounds to be so satisfying. Top level juice for something in this resolution.

I'm guessing it's just a showcase of the mechanics so I don't have much feedback. Good stuff, keep it up!

Thanks for having a mac build by the way.

While I didn't quite get what the text was going for, the gameplay was very satisfying and the gamefeel is top notch. There's enough information for the player to figure out and understand.

Good progress!

Very very good!
the game is really simple but once you get the hang of it you want to see more!

You can make it! keep it up!

I've always been confused by the webms you post for this game. Now that I've got my hands on it, I'm a good deal less confused. Some levels have some strange requirements for advancing, but it doesn't seem to limit the player's ability to progress in any way.

Interesting proof of concept, surprisingly high level of visual polish and 'juice' for such a minimalistic game.

I'm not sure if this is a test for new mechanics on Tender Arms or something totally different, but is quite interesting and fun tu play. I like the sleeping enemies idea and I think it could work great if mixed with dungeon crawling mechanics. Didn't find the tutorials on the sides too helpful but it wasn't difficult to  figure things out by myself either. I think the the sword cutting animation should be a little bit flashier, it looks boring compared with the one used when you killed stuff by pushing it against the walls. Good Job!

Wow, this was better than i imagined. Clever use of such a minimalistic space and gameplay elements. Played throught the tutorial and had fun, and get there wasn't even a dungeon!

Excited to see where it goes, not sure if 3x3 will be enough to keep the variety and keep the player interesting.

Certainly intereting. Neat effects for how minimalist the game is. I don't know if it's going to return to the dungeon crawling style as the older demos, but this seems pretty good as a tutorial.

Honestly I finished it without many problems but I still have no idea what makes enemies sleep/attack you and how to approach them. I just randomly pressed direction keys and I was able to finish it without problems.

Game is quite simple at this point, keeping it to a 3x3 grid will be challenge. I hope that you will be able to find enough gameplay elements to make it fun and challenging!

Made a video of me playing it with my critique in the description