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demo for shipwreck
Submitted by — 2 days, 23 hours before the deadline

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the way you're describing the combat system here probably means I missed another bunch of mechanics: I only really could tell that there was a stab and a slash. This is probably not my most useful video, sorry about that

Developer (1 edit)

No big deal. I think you found everything the control explanation splash screen had to say. Here, I made this to show what exactly you missed. There was that dash, as well as running with B. This also shows how you can dodge out of recovery periods, as well as the timing necessary to combo. It also shows the special attack you can do by holding RB and tapping A.


I feel like the attacks take too much time to accomplish. The time-window where you can't control anything is too large. This has potential though.


Which attacks are you talking about? Regular RT attacks or special attacks? If going at the right pace, you can get roughly three regular attacks in per second. As for the cool down after a combo, you're able to cancel out of it with a dodge, much like in games like DMC and Monster Hunter. However, getting that info across with ease is the difficult bit, as I wrote the splash screen very quickly.


I wasn't aware you could pace them to attack faster. I was talking about all of them but the special attacks had quite a long wind-up time iirc.

Developer (1 edit)

Yes they do. I entered into the demo day with test attacks. I might use some of them in the final game, but I don't know yet.


What genre are you aiming for (except the slash-stuff-and-throw-rocks genre)? I liked the attack effect, it looks cool.


Hoping for it to be an action RPG, at least in the sort of soulsian sense where you're just leveling up a character. Not planning on it having any character dialogue what so ever.