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A jam entry

Bokube Kickstarter DemoView game page »

A beautiful puzzle game of self discovery!
Submitted by Conception Games (@TheeWhiteReaper) with 2 days, 22 hours before the deadline


AWK (View their submission) · 22 days ago

Part 2

  • The enemies' death sounds are a lot louder than the rest of the audio.
  • I can hear a constant wind blowing sound which seems unnecessary, it's more obvious when I turn off the music.
  • I dropped the red cube down the lower section twice by mistake when trying to pull it into the goal in the level where the gray cat appears for the first time, some way to recover it would be nice.
  • It's hard to tell where the flying enemies are exactly, shadows would help with that.
  • I didn't expect to die to the windmill, it doesn't look like something dangerous.

I love the music and couldn't help but whistle along, the levels are very interesting and have a lot of nuance to them, it doesn't feel like a braindead box pusher. They are just too long considering how easy it is to die or mess up.

Overall a very nice game, there's a lot to talk about and that's a great thing, it just needs more attention to detail.

Specs: GTX 460, Phenom II X4 465

AWK (View their submission) · 22 days ago
  • I'm getting low FPS in the main menu, and the PC gets sluggish while the game is open even when it's minimized. Changing graphics quality doesn't seem to do anything.
  • The camera gets screwy and goes below the floor if I aim it up too much.
  • I wish I could rotate the camera horizontally with the analog stick, and having to wait until it finishes moving before moving it again is annoying too.
  • I have to push Y twice sometimes to switch to chase cam mode.
  • Chase camera feels jittery and lazy, it should follow the player more smoothly.
  • Trying to jump while moving in a direction at the same time doesn't work, and I have to wait about a half second after moving to be able to jump, the jump sound always plays even if the jump failed too.

Part 1 of 2 since itch only allows 1000 characters per comment.

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