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A jam entry

Coal (Demo Day 14)View game page »

Will only ever be a shooter
Submitted by Rohit with 2 days, 15 hours before the deadline


Rohit (View their submission) · 19 days ago

@AWK: Can you detail the specs of your machine? I can't see why the map itself would be invisible.

korpiroot · 19 days ago

Nice progress since the last demo. Walking through slopes seems to be fixed and the slopes feel much smoother overall. Some of the walls are quite sticky still however, and I fell through the floor once at the start of the 2nd level, and another time had my feet stuck in the final elevator, making me unable to reach the button.

>Linux Users: Let me know if you can see textures in the first map.

Nope, can't see them. The level looks the same as it did in last demo. The second level also looks completely grey instead of the purple checkerboard seen in the screenshots. Tried with an RX480 with open source drivers and a laptop with Intel HD (Arrandale).

AWK (View their submission) · 20 days ago

The level was pure darkness when I started it for the first time, I could see pickups floating around and enemies in the distance but the walls were invisible. I tried redownloading and changing resolutions but to no avail. Alt-tabbing the game while it's in fullscreen crashes it.

It's a shame since I really enjoyed watching it on the streams and I'm a fan of oldschool shooters, pls fix.

EXNDL (View their submission) · 20 days ago

really fun i loved going really fast, second level layout doesnt make any sense

weapons are op and there arent enough enemies

Rokas · 21 days ago

Ctesiphon clone huh.

-Good atmosphere
-Liked the skill needed reachables, got the armor, but failed to reach the second platform, the door opening on the side of the stairs was confusing and the platform seemed to be one shot, one opportunity thing
-shift>space+Q is great
-holding Q and E is not as pleasant
-not clear when enemies die
-would be nice to press shift to stop running instead
-a state icon could help
-somehow glitched through the wall ramp platform on the second level when running into it
-it's unclear what the buttons do and which passages are 'temporary'

Completed it. It works, would play again.

KDB44 (View their submission) · 22 days ago

Alright, just finished the demo.

- slight stuttering of the gun movement

- I thing the pixel art textures have potential. The environments need more... stuff in it but I think that you are on the path to achieving a decent lo-fi style. Obviously, the gun textures need work.

- Right now the guns feel pretty weak and unsatisfying.

- jumping feels weak

- I would like an aiming reticule

- aiming and leaning seem pointless

- TOO EASY, place more enemies!

Overall I think that you should continue working on the game because it has potential. Nice entry.

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