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A jam entry

ChronospiraView game page »

2D action platformer
Submitted by dbiton with 1 hour, 49 minutes before the deadline


Kickback is neat but doesn't make sense when shooting up. Are bayonette guys supposed to be invincible?Climbing is weird, I was expecting "jump" or up was to start climbing instead of "Z". Overall the camera is strange. I'd say try to center the main character on the screen at all times unless there is something happening above and no dead drops below. It threw me for a loop falling for what I thought was my death and then landing on a platform below.

KDB44 (View their submission) · 24 days ago

I second the AWKs comment about the vines. In addition to changing it so that you simply press up, you should also make it so that you can grab onto the vine midair. Also, I hate to gripe more about the vines and I know this is an early demo but you should use them sparingly.

Like, I when I fell down to the lower side of the map, I think it would be more fun to jump on some platforms to get up rather than simply holding up. And speaking of jumping, I personally hate when I cant control the midair movement.

I think its weird that the enemies that rush you aren't able to be shot.

I liked the rolling. Maybe tone it down a bit though?

Overall, I think this is a pretty good start.

AWK (View their submission) · 24 days ago

Sorry for posting the same feedback here but I felt I had to do it for the sake of consistency.

  • I couldn't figure out the right key to push to start the game I had to try them all out
  • Dialogue menu is hard to navigate
  • Double jump feels hit-and-miss since you can only do a second jump just after the first one
  • I died like 3 times thanks to the overly sensitive rolling
  • Having to press Z to climb vines feels clunky, I hoped to simply press up to grab

I like the physics except for the rolling.

Weapon needs clearer visual feedback, I spam shoot but the weapon doesn't shoot as often as I would expect.

The energy system is an interesting mechanic but I feel like it would lead to annoying situations where you are swarmed my enemies but you can't jump too much because it's tied to your health, you lose your abilities when you need it the most.

I liked the game and loved the art, especially the backgrounds.

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