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A jam entry

MoGiSho (Moth Girl Shooter) [demo v_3] [outdated build]View game page »

Take flight, Death God, and bring back the Lunar Queen!
Submitted by WRIT (@ThirdKeyOfSun) with 2 days, 18 hours before the deadline


WRIT (View their submission) · 13 days ago


Thank you for the report! I could have sworn I had fixed the movement issue with v_3 but it looks like I need to be more thorough with my tests. Back to work with me.

v_3 with default keyboard movement controls.

WRIT (View their submission) · 13 days ago

Thank you for playing! I honestly had always been concerned that the details were too few (I figured I was at 40% of what I needed to have) so to read this is interesting. Maybe I should focus more on the colors of the backgrounds instead of worrying about adding more detail (maybe even removing some). As for the diagonal movement, do you recall if you were playing original, v_2 or v_3? The restart option is a fantastic idea! Will add to to-do list. I think the only enemies that can shoot like that are the popcorn and the mid-boss fly-bys so I will look into correcting that behavior. As for shot types I am working on getting the second character playable. She is a novice type with wide shot, faster movement, smaller hitbox and easier scoring mechanics. It is easy to become so comfortable with your own game that you lose perspective. I will be trying hard to balance Normal as well as implement Easy. Thank you again for your feedback, it is extremely helpful!

  • I really like the artstyle and especially the protagonist.
  • The backgrounds have a high level of detail, range of color, and speed. This makes it more difficult to tell what is happening quickly.
  • Diagonal movement is faster than horizontal and vertical.
  • Restarting is pretty slow and requires going back to the main menu. Its important to make restarting smooth and quick to keep players from quitting.
  • Some enemies seem to start shooting as soon as they enter the screen without any kind of warning.
  • If you want to make it more accessible you might want the default shot type to be either a homing or wide type.
  • Seems a bit difficult for a normal mode stage 1.
WRIT (View their submission) · 14 days ago


Thank you for giving the project a chance!
Yes there needs to be a massive overhaul of systems (movement and attack) and tweaks to difficulty (I assume the animation lock was with keyboard? That control scheme has been giving me issues so I hope I can fix it right this time). Thank you for the report on the remap menu, I will take care of that right now! Hopefully you had some fun and the next showing will be even a little bit less rough around the edges Thank you again!

Great work! Some notes:

  • I think there's no way to exit the gamepad remap menu if you enter it without a gamepad plugged in
  • If I'm shooting, then I move left/right, then release the directional controls, the character stays in the left/right animation until I release the shoot button
  • The second-last boss attack (with the big "grid" of bullets) felt harder than the last one to me, but that's subjective
WRIT (View their submission) · 16 days ago


Thank you! Your feed back in it's entirety has been completely invaluable! I have already gone over it once and I intend to do so again in a couple of minutes. Making a big list of things I need to make sure are right for the next demo and your personal experience with the genre will help immensely!

I'm not really a shmup player, but when I was into Touhou I did manage to 1CC EoSD on normal like a true casual.


WRIT (View their submission) · 17 days ago


Thank you for the kind words! Yes I agree the laughing is too loud and I am looking into replacing or modifying it. As far as I remember I think I allow multiple things to be bound to the same key but I will look into how using fire as default confirm as well feels. The hit box appears when you hold the Focus button (default Shift on keyboard and L.Trigger on controllers). This not only lets you see your vulnerable spot but also slows down your movement so you can dance through more densely packed patterns more easily. Thank you for your suggestions and feedback!

I don't usually play danmaku, but this was fun. Nice art, movement and shooting felt good, story hook is interesting. Some negatives though: I've got no idea where the hitbox is and it felt like i'd get hit at random, the special ability sound effect (Lore laughing) was startling loud, and you should let the shoot button be used as an accept button on menus.

It's pretty good though, and you've obviously spent a lot of time on it. Keen to see how it continues.

WRIT (View their submission) · 20 days ago

-The orange flame icons under boss portraits indicate their current/remaining phases
-Only way right now to tell defeat/timed out is via the boss HP bar and phase timer under boss portrait (will look into other ways as well)
-Bombing rebind bug unknown, will research thank you!
-Burst attack works only at 5.0/4.0. Use the special (tap then hold shoot) to build burst faster
-The dpad bind is disabled in controls because I haven't fixed its bug yet. Rebinding to it with a mapper program will give unpredictable results at the moment unfortunately.
-The fps counter is using the in-engine fps variable and updates on its own fixed schedule (still looking for work around to this, I want decimals and real time)
-The rotation currently is pure image_angle and no surfaces so it gets very pixely unfortunately. Will research further
-There are never enough blaring trumpets!!!
Thank you for playing. I hope you had a good time!

Sinoc · 20 days ago

Good stuff, but a bit rough around the edges. Full thoughts here, because 1024 characters is too little: http://pastebin.com/txNBZBKY

WRIT (View their submission) · 20 days ago


That is an interesting suggestion! Currently it displays mid boss and boss information with timers, phase names etc, but during the normal stage the logo shows the fragments you collect at the end of each stage (which is poorly demonstrated here as you can only get to see one if you beat the demo and get your score tally). The fragments come in 3 different colors and the combination of colors determines which of the three endings you get and if you fight one of the two EX bosses. What I could do perhaps is make use of the area below the moon gauge for your aforementioned purpose. I will have to look into it and see how it looks. Thank you for taking the time to try my project! I hope to put out another demo in the future with both the intro and the second stage so please try it out when that happens!

ANIM•ACE · 20 days ago

holy shit this is really well put together. Just an idea, instead of just showing the logo on the right border, show the enemy you're currently shooting along with their name.would make much better use of screen space.

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