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A jam submission

Rune Revolver [DD11]View game page

A twin-stick shooter with guns and spells!
Submitted by Monchop (@Monchopin) — 15 hours, 24 minutes before the deadline

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Oh forgot to add:

  • The player can also get stuck on enemies if they're trying to slide past them.

I played for a while and was unsure if there's an actual end to the demo and eventually stopped.

It plays solid enough and I didn't find any kind of inherit issues, but I do have some suggestions.

  • There's no sound. This is understandable as it's a WIP, but at least use Bfxr to get some placeholder sound effects in. The visuals for shooting felt meaty but also underwhelming due to the lack of sound.
  • Spawning enemies in the current view is a big no-no. But a while loop or an if statement in your spawner object that checks if the spawn location is inside the view and if it is, pick a new spawn location.
  • Due to the amount of enemy projectiles that can be on the screen, the player's hitbox is too big. You should either lessen the amount of bullets enemies shoot or shrink the player. Bullet hells get away with that because the player has a small hitbox and moves quickly so they're always in control.
Keep up the progress!

Alright game, just a few issues I ran into.

  • The player character doesn't blink when taking damage from chargers, which makes it seem like you're not taking damage.
  • When the chargers are backing up they can pass through the player, which makes you unable to move for about 10 seconds
  • When you're touching an enemy and you try to move diagonally towards it (e.g. there's an enemy to your left and you try to go up-left you can't move at all.