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The Little Girl + Tiny-Pixels Progress Thread [nealith]

A topic by nealith created 87 days ago Views: 38
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Finally, I'm doing this jam and the MetroidVaniaMonth jam in a same run

I'm working on Tiny-Pixels a custom 2D engine that use webgl. The engine is developed in TypeScript, compiled with Babel.js and Webpack, the output is < 5kB zipped for now (sources are about 39kB).

The engine feature : 

  • Scene and node handling with matrices stack and 2D transform
  • Camera with "following a node" option
  • Sprite handling
  • Collision detection with accelerating structure, AABB and Circle shape available
  • A bit of input handling

Feature I would like to implement  :

  • Shader factory
  • Light handling with shader produced by the Shader factory
  • Animation and AnimationTree
  • Advance Physics with a StaticBody, RigidBody, KinematicBody and a PhysicalMaterial
  • Sound Handling
  • Some optimization like Importing a optimized SpritesSheet and put it as texture in webgl for all sprites
  • Better shape for collision
  • Text

The way of using it is a bit inspired by the engine Godot

The Little Girl is the temporary name of the game. Your are a digital virus injected in a high secure data bank by a hacker. Your mission ? locate and recover data from a list of company. The game will focus on a system of limited memory in stack that is fulfilling each time you access data or discover new area.  You can extends memory by putting data in the heap, but doing it can trigger security programs, so you have to make choices and stay discrete. You will be stuffed with few sub programs that will allow you hack other entity to destroy, freeze them or take their identity to avoid security or accessing some area etc.