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Kilobytes or kilobits?

A topic by IsThisStatic created Jul 27, 2019 Views: 133 Replies: 4
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I'm slightly confused. The jam page refers to them as kb and not kB, so I think it's kilobits, but I could be wrong. Please clarify if you can.


I guess I just wrote it up wrong. Allowing to quote from the source I’ve been using:

“For its time, this was way-out stuff in 2k of memory and 32k of storage.“

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What about the font data? For example; we're to use html+javascript as a platform and print out stuff in default "built-in" font (say Ariel). Is that font data contributing to storage consumption?


Its up to you how you interpret the rules, and I guess it’s up to those who judge how they interpret the rules. 


I just “Reported” you by accident... whoops. I hit “Report” instead of “Reply” by accident!! Sorry! I’ll correct anything if it comes to anything.