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The first thing we are going to do is give examples of what is considered 'Tru 2D' and what is not.

'TRU 2D' Examples:


'NON-TRU 2D' Examples:


Notice that the 'Non_Tru 2D' examples have the two dimensions height and length, but they also have an attempt to use the third dimension of depth.  One characteristic that many 'Non-Tru 2D' images have is a shadow.  For those using RPG Maker engines, this means that most of the RTP images are not allowed, including animations, characters, enemies, and tilesets.  THEME: Open

'Tru 2D' Game Examples

Wisps Arena:
Marked Up RPG Demo:
Wobbling in The Dark:
Less Steps:
Sneaux Demo:
Ballden Facing Bullies Board Game Adventure:
A Ball People Winterfest:


1.  All images must be 'Tru 2D'.

2. For this contest, we will focus on front views, back views, and/or side views.  Top views are not allowed.

3. The game must be made within the timeframe of the game jam.  To prevent early starts or previously released games from being used, a theme will be announced, within the first 30 minutes, of game jam starting.  NOTE:  You may make custom images before start of the game jam, but they may not fit with the theme.

4. There is a limit of one game submission per person/team.

5. No profanity in game and/or Community page.


2. Armello  SELECTED
3. Everything
4. Puzzle Agent 2
5. Sonic Adventure 2
6. The Warlock of Firetop Mountain
7. TumbleSeed SELECTED
8. Ultimate Chicken Horse SELECTED


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A game about jumping, and shooting. That's pretty much it.
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Run around the graves, avoid the bones, and zombies to get to the star!
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Carbon balance science game
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You're a tiny space ship in the middle of nowhere, and you have to free space of all the evil spaceships!
A Penguin Turn-based RPG
Role Playing
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Run around forests and collect food to eat!
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Fly around with WASD to collect the gas canisters while avoiding the asteroids.
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A difficult driving game
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Connect the coins that are bouncing and avoid the obstacles ball.
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A color-based bullet hell.