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Grab loot! Avoid traps!
Submitted by Jay (@raisedbywoes) — 11 hours, 46 minutes before the deadline
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Really nice game! I included it in my compilation video series of all of the games from this jam, if you’d like to take a look. :)


Beautiful game, and nice face on the splashscreen haha

It was a bit confusing at first, I was looking for a button to interact with stuff. Also the music sounds a bit weird sometimes, seems like its changing speed as the character walks?


Breaks my heart when he stares at the camera. Blaming me.

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

This is great. Love the clean and colourful aesthetic, and we seem to share an affinity for silly walks!

It's the small details that really make this one shine, like the wacky arms interacting with the environment dynamically, and the character clumsily climbing over all the props. In most games, being able to walk up and down the sides of a tent would be immersion breaking, but here it just makes me smile. And that idle sad face gets me every damn time. Clearly this little guy is struggling with an addiction. While it can feel like wasted effort, these are the kinds of things that turn a tech demo into a memorable experience.

Aside from minor camera issues, one real critique I have is on how the music is implemented. It's interesting that the tempo increases and decreases based on the character's movement speed, but the end result is a bit offputting to the ear. Since the dungeon is quite precarious to navigate, most of the player's time is spent moving about slowly or bumping into walls, with bursts of speed to avoid traps. This means the music is always dramatically shifting from super slow to full speed. I like the idea behind it, which is that the character wants to be running around hoarding items and not standing still. I think an improvement would be to have music with a constant tempo, but multiple channels -- perhaps just a muffled bass line when standing still, and fade in drums and melody as the movement speed increases. 

Overall, excellent work!


Thank you for your input! I agree with your appraisal.

My focus was on recreating feeling of the cover with the character movement and looting, the game-play however is uninspired and a personal failure. I think there is a better game in there somewhere but I wasn't able to hone it out. Mainly I'd like to have added AI and stealth elements, as well as more depth to the hoarding and  a larger dungeon. However this project is done, sometimes it's good to know when to cut and run!

The music comments are fair, I added the pitch modulation to the music at the last minute (well within the last hour) to try and enhance the goofy feeling, given I know where everything is I can run 90% of the time, how it plays with players who don't know the dungeon area is something I didn't test.


beautiful! Some checkpoints would have been nice but the intro section is pretty well designed. My only "problem" was that the music sounds like the hogwarts theme through a pipe, my opinion 


Very well done! I like the animation of the character. The traps are diabolical. I wish there were checkpoints rather than having to start at the beginning again.


Seen a lot of this on Twitter and oh my isn't this ever the absolute cutest. Can't even critique this in any way, that little purple man just stretched his legs straight into my heart <3