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Good work everyone! Sticky

A topic by Papa Brickolini created Jul 24, 2016 Views: 189 Replies: 4
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Well, the jam's over. Now all that's left is a week for voting on the entries, and then the winners will be chosen, and prizes will be given out.

I'd like to thank everyone for participating in the first X-Jam, I hope you had fun, and maybe even learned a little bit.

Until next time, everyone! :)

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"Until next time, everyone! :)" - will there be another one? (whatever when) cool :p

P. S. : i am farmer frax developer, i have to itch accounts and i always mistake them :D


Thanks for the competition. I really needed some inspiration for a new game and the floating islands theme was perfect. I think I'm still gonna work on this game after the competition.

I had a ton of fun and I hope you do this again!

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Just got done with all my ratings. Some really cool stuff was entered!

This was my first game jam and it was really fun to be a part of. Would definitely like to see more of this.


Thank you for the experience! It was interesting, this is my first jam too.