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Quickie Draw

A topic by Don Calaca created Mar 24, 2017 Views: 143 Replies: 5
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My first entrance.

I hate myself, when I heard about this jam I start to think in different games and mechanics and I start to make some games, for 1, 2 and 5 players at the same time. The problem here is that I never concentrate in a single game and some times I never finish them, when I see I can play it, I leave it, don't do entrance, menus, ando all the details to finish the work, I'm just happy with the result, and thats awful.

At this time I have 5 games in progress for this single jam.

So I tried to concentrate... and at last I finish the first one called Quickie Draw. I hope you like it and I'll wait for comments

You can play it here


hey It's cool game, but It uses flashplayer have you developed a webgl version? nice work!


Thanks for the comments, I work in an old flash AS2 language, I don't know more languages or resources.

Nice! I liked your game and I thought that the pixel art looked great!

About starting multiple games, I'd suggest to you to work only on one game at a time and write all of the ideas that come to mind on a text document. I found that if I jumped to make a new game each time I got an idea, I would never finish the game I was currently working on.

I also found that not all good (or even great) ideas turn into good games. To avoid spending time on these ideas, I have made a different text document called "Spitballing" for ideas that come to me (mostly late at night) and that still need to be seen if they can be converted into actual games.

Good luck on your games!


Thanks for the advice, and you are right. I always try to focus on one game, but, when I see it works I feel comfortable enough to start the one I have in mind, and yes, I have a documento or a drawing, but I really feel the necessity to at list start the file of the game, just the empty stage, then in a free time I like to draw the sprites and that make me wonder about animation, so I animate a couple of sprites, ok ok a little bit of interaction... Nooooooo I did it again!

For my project I'm developing 33 games at the same time, LOL So I finish one game once in a while. I'll try to focus more ;)

I see =D