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Love you to bits

A topic by Timbooooooooo created Feb 06, 2017 Views: 175 Replies: 5
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Hi there,

some info about my self, you can find in the "Random - We'll love to hear from you." - Thread, so I will instantly get to the point.

About my Game: "Love you to bits"

The game is a 2D Puzzle Platformer for TWO players. Yes. Two. Even though it can be played alone, I think it's more fitting to the point of the game. The idea is to bring people together. Close to each other. Make people have body contact (through their Hands).

How is it going to be played you ask? (ok... obviously you didn't :D)
  • Two players share the Arrow-Keys and the space bar.
  • Player One moves his character with the right and up arrow (To the Right and to jump).
  • Player Two moves his character with the left and down arrow (To the left and to jump).
  • What happens when one goes to far? Well, that's where the space bar comes in handy. If one presses space, the meaning of the arrow keys is inverted. Pressing right key means player one goes left and pressing the left key means player two goes right.

In each level you two are tasked with finding a way to get to each other. Once you meet each other, you two fall to bits (hence the name) and progress to the next level. Each level is then again supposed to abstractly represent situations in a relationship.

About the artstyle:
I'm not an (pixel)artist. However my girlfriend Lorena is. She's going to do the most of the art styling. I will keep you posted on this.
First we had planned to present it like a living room and go for a pastelized pixelartstyle, but as we now saw the Screen, we're decided to be going for a neon and color intensive style.

My motivation:
Why do I make this game? Obviously for this jam, but the idea is devoted to Lorena, who also is my muse, inspiration and the light of my life.

Let's hope everything goes well. I will keep you posted on the progress. Talk to you soon.


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Progress update 0.0.1
Gameplay mechanics are implemented. Artstyle has been decided.

Hope the gif loads, otherwise just look at it on Giphy.

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Wow, that's such a cool idea!

Good luck with the game!

Edit: You may want to read @eligiobz comment ( saying that you may not be able to use arrowkeys and the spacebar...

Thanks for the nice reply.It's good to see the community kicking off here, a little bit :)

Regarding your concerns, regarding the Input: I have also created an Alt. Config, which uses the Bumpers and Shoulder buttons on a controller and the A Button for the inversion. However as this whole Topic is not completely clear, I hope, that my interpretation of the Inputs will turnout to be correct. I rely heavily on a 5 Button Input.

We will see, what the Outcome will be :)

I will soon post the earliest update and a Level Commission system, so I can also involve the Community in the development. So kind of like an Alpha Phase :D

Kind Regards,

Sorry. I didn't find the time to finish my project. Thus I have to retreat.


Those things happened :(