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Welcome to the 9 Day Metroidvania

Metroidvanias are some of my favorite games, and by the success of games like Hollow Knight, Ori and the Blind Forest, Axiom Verge, Dead Cells, and Sundered I would guess that others would also agree! That makes it a prime choice of theme for a GAME JAM!!!

What is a Metroidvania?

Metroidvanias can be complicated, they have lots of factors, and of all the genre's I can think of, Metroidvanias are the hardest to pin down.

That being said looking at existing Metroidvanias, there are a few features most games considered Metroidvanias have:

  • Large interconnected maps that encourage exploration.
  • Progression via Items or Unlocking abilities.
  • Obstacles that need specific abilities or items to bypass.

About the 9 Day Metroidvania

The goal of the 9DMV is to make a game in the style of a Metroidvania, and to use all your game development skills to produce a game in 9 days! 

The Rules

  • Follow the jam concept/theme. The game should be a Metroidvania!
  • Game assets, unless Public Domain(CC0), must be created during the jam.
  • Show common sense and common decency towards others.
  • Have fun!


  • Watch your scope! The game should be a full game, not just a gameplay prototype!
  • Don't stress too much! Remember you have 9 days!
  • Don't overwork yourself!


You can hop over to The Game Jammers Discord! To chat and talk about game development! Use #9DMV on Twitter to share screenshots and updates!


There's also a Crowdforge page! Head over there to find some team members and do the jam as a Group!


  • Can I work with a team?
  • I'm in a team, can my team rate other games as well?
    • Yes. Just make sure they're listed as Contributors on your game.
  • Does my game have to be a platformer?
    • No, although MANY Metroidvanias are platformers, and there is some debate around it, for this jam we consider anything that fits the description given in the 'What is a Metroidvania' section as a Metroidvania
    • By This description we consider the following as Metroidvanias due to their open worlds, progression via unlocks, upgrades, and items, and the need for those to bypass obstacles:
      • Metroid Prime
      • Batman: Arkham Asylum
      • Dark Souls
      • Okami
      • Darksiders
      • Most Legend of Zelda games
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Side scrolling action adventure / Metroidvania like game created for the #9DayMV Jam.
revisiting our first world
Destroy and escape the slime factory before the slimes are turned into weapons!
Survival Metroidvania Top View Game. Can you manage your battery meter while uncovering the secrets of the Lab?