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Swashbucking roguelike adventure. 7DRL.
Submitted by Lone Spelunker (@LoneSpelunker) — 1 day, 5 hours before the deadline
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  • Piratical's world feels alive, which is a hard thing to achieve in any game, let alone one made in a week. I struggled to achieve much in the game (never managing to scrape together enough money to even buy a lowly cutlass), but I did enjoy my time hiking around the caves and swamps of Louisiana. 

    Maybe a little too unforgiving, but maybe I'm missing something.

  • It's a very nice game, but a bit grindy. Well... Not a bit. The grinding is real here. You must purchase certain abilities to progress. But earnings from runs are relatively low. You are more or less safe on most runs, as you can always return to your guide and get back to town.  And there are no very damaging enemies. So you slowly grind for better weapon. Then slowly grind for lungs, to be able to dive better. Then explore sunk ship. Not always it is possible to explore whole ship. So you repeat this several times until you find everything required. I liked the atmosphere. I liked presence of a plot. I understand that for a 7drl it's already quite good. But IMO either earning could be buffed or prices reduced to make experience less boring. Ideally combat should be more varied and have some risk/reward choices.

  • What a different yet creative rogue like adventure! It's a great mix of storytelling with rogue like gameplay to find and track down the dreaded dread Bloodbeard.  Despite only having the 7 day deadline, the experience of "interviewing" some of the local townspeople to put together a plan for where to look for Bloodbeard was a lot of fun. Being a web developer myself, it was awesome to read through the actual history researched and recorded in the source code. Next level cool! While extremely minor, I only had 2 suggestions - maybe a sound effect or background music track, and perhaps a banner or something that slides into view once you die (to remind you to hit "refresh" to try again or whatever). Again, really minor things. Fun game, and I'll be playing more times for sure.

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Very well written game! I included it in my 7DRL Challenge compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)


Thanks for including it, Jupiter.  I've been following your video series for a while, so it's a treat to see it featured there.  Sorry you got killed by a sand worm so quickly!