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восток рогалик корабль (East Bagel Ship)View game page

Shoot down ships made of blocks and steal their blocks. Made for 7DRL 2018.
Submitted by st33d — 3 days, 11 hours before the deadline

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восток рогалик корабль (East Bagel Ship)'s page


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  • Turn based shoot'em up? Hell yeah! With modular ship? Hell yeah!!! With bullet hell and without any hints about modules... Uhh... Interesting game, but hard to play. Modules are so similar that it's hard to tell them apart. When you reach bullet hell section of the game, it becomes very chaotic. If you go to the kitchen and take a cup of tea, after returning it's really hard to comprehend what's going on on the screen. What is flying where. Also amount of bullets is so high that dodging is useless. Some will always hit. And it's becoming increasingly difficult to connect new parts, as they are destroyed by bullets. Interesting concept. Somewhat innovative as a roguelike, but not as much in the field of shmups. The game is supposed to be high score, but high score is missing. Also game hangs time to time.

  • An interesting look and feel to this game - who the heck *doesn't* like "space" - right? I can see the start of something here, and encourage a bit more development of the idea. I guess I just wasn't "feeling it" in its current iteration. Great artwork though - kudos.

  • I played the bug fix version. Reach the Yendorium Reactor (dist=0) to win. Score = fuel*10 + blocks*1000. My best was 19710.
    Brown marks indicate damage (blocks have 3 hp). You can't be damaged by lasers you cause. Shooting something point blank causes a backfire.

    Completeness 3
    The online version froze (I didn't encounter this issue with the desktop version).
    Sometimes what looks like a block/asteroid is actually empty space, or what looks like an open power grid spot is actually occupied by an invisible block.
    I ran into a situation where almost an entire column of space was blocked by invisible stuff (moving into it has no effect).

    Aesthetics 2
    Controls are OK. Arrow keys to move and space to fire.
    Tiles are sort of ugly.
    I had a hard time distinguishing some of the different block types.
    It's hard to tell what is going on when there are a ton of lasers on the screen.

    Fun 3
    Good level of difficulty.
    Figuring out how to best attack multiple tile enemies and choosing where to put blocks was interesting.
    The game over screen pops up quickly after you lose. Often I had no idea why I died.
    The block which stops fuel consumption slowed the game down quite a bit for me.

    Innovation 3
    Multiple tile ships.
    Ranged attack focus.

    Scope 3
    Several block types, a few asteroid types.

    Roguelikeness 3
    Turn/grid based
    Random maps/enemies
    Player/enemy similarity
    Not much RPG stuff
    Multiple tile ships

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Interesting game! I included it in my 7DRL Challenge compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)