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roguelike where you control multiple characters at once.
Submitted by dhuckle3 with 1 day, 15 hours before the deadline

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  • Neat concept. There were a few issues which would usually be viewed as problematic, such as unreachable rooms/exits and entering a new floor completely surrounded by enemies. However given the nature of the game these seemed like less of an issue.

    I felt like any one “universe” was unlikely to make it through the dungeon so I had to produce an abundance of offspring in the hopes that they would survive.

    As a game-game it is functional but small, I think any additional features to liven up each play through would be helpful. Quality of life things like a restart button, or indication of current floor would be nice.

    As an art-game it seems like an appropriately minimal experience, and an interesting way to use a roguelike to talk about roguelikes, or life, or baby sea turtles trying to make it to the ocean. (futility, no guarantee of success, permadeath with no restart button)

  • There isn't much to say or recommend about muxRL as it seems unfinished and buggy, but has an interesting idea. The idea being that every time you run into a certain block (%), another console appears and lowers visibility on your other consoles. The more you run into, the more fill up the screen. Instant death is achieved if you bump into enemies (g) and that console disappears and when your last one is gone, it's game over. There's no restart button or anything so you're forced to close and open the game again. I ran into lots of problems with dungeon generation in that I'd run into impassable walls, causing me to quit and restart. There were a lot of cheaty rooms too, that had way too many enemies and made it impossible to win or even descend a single level, so I felt that the balance was quite off in this regard as well. The game, which has no sounds or anything, looks and controls okay and feels kind of like a roguelike, but I'd pass on this one due to it being unfinished and not really playable.

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Really clever concept! I included it in my 7DRL Challenge compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)