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Adams Drive 32View game page

A sneaky game about infiltrating a mansion, looting it and getting out alive.
Submitted by René Rother (@primaerfunktion) — 1 day, 3 hours before the deadline

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i respect that

oh it was just blocked at school but I got it now anyway thx for doin a checkup because most people dont do that anymore


@19weldyt: Little follow up: If you're using Chrome and it says something like the file could be dangerous and there's only a discard button next to it, you can hit that tiny arrow next to that button and select to keep the file. That's some Chrome bullshit. I can assure you that the download is safe and contains no virus or something. But I guess that's what everyone says... You got to trust me on this one.


@19weldyt: Hey, just tried downloading and running the windows one and it worked. Could you please specify your issue? Do you mean the download or when you run the game? And what do you mean with "blocked"? And which Platform are you talking about? Thanks!


A bit slow on the crouch speed, but I liked it. Very cool aesthetic.


An extremely enjoyable and well designed game I enjoyed the stealth but couldn't stay alive long enough to reach the end. I'll have to play it again sometime.

I like the slow movement, it makes you feel vulnerable. Sure, it's a rough prototype, but I think you've got the core of something really cool here.

Really well made game. Nice entry. I included it in part 6 of my 7DFPS 2014 compilation video series, if you would like to take a look :)


Well, I want the player to be slow. I don't want the player to be this super fast fighting machine. But I agree that the controls don't feel perfect and that it's probably helpful to look at how other people handle their input. And I will take a look at it.  Just downloading and using a good working script is just not a very satisfactory solution to me. 

Thanks for the feedback though! I really appretiate it.  <3

The low movement speed made this very hard to play--didn't feel very good at all. I kept playing though because the art was rad, shooting enemies to make them ragdoll felt really good and was funny, and the game reminded me of Thief.

Try implementing this controller into your game:

With better controls, you'll be able to make the game harder in a more fair way too. Smarter enemies, etc.

Then with a bit of polish and more content, you've already got a really really fun stealth-shooter game on your hands. Being able to silently snipe enemies with your loud handgun from across the room doesn't really make sense, but it's fun and feels good. Run with that idea!


Interesting point about the sneaking: Will definitively check it out. 


Enjoyed this one. Would've liked to see the player move a bit faster so you really get to sneak up on enemies. Really liked the complexity of the map as well. Good job!


Thanks! Super happy you mention Thief as my main goal was to make a Thief like game. Although it didn't quite work out the way I imagined it as making stealth games is hard.


Cool game. It's like thief mixed with goldeneye!