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A jam entry

GAME OF THE YEAR: 420BLAZEIT vs xxXilluminatiXxx [wow/10 #rekt edition] - Montage Parody The GameView game page »

Submitted by Andy Sum (@JigxorAndy) with 19 hours, 6 minutes before the deadline

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Zephyr_bilada · 1 year ago


fkjfjaljlfjldj · 1 year ago


WarrmikCZ · 2 years ago

nejde spustit

I played it for the plot.

RedNickelRattleSnake · 2 years ago

7.8 / 10 

Too much water

jedilemons · 2 years ago

This is actually genius. I lol'd all the way to Beijing and back. rekt/8 m9.

Jupiter_Hadley · 2 years ago

Interesting game! I included it in part 13 of my 7DFPS 2014 compilation video series, if you would like to take a look :) http://youtu.be/-X7rxv5050c

bugmenot · 2 years ago

gr8 b8 m8 i r8 it 8/8

proxghostz · 2 years ago

Check out my vid and don't forget to subscribe;) love you


nacho_morfeo · 2 years ago

Really fun game 

crazedfish · 2 years ago

10/10 would rek again

nikoli1ful · 2 years ago

I rate it 1/1 -illuminati confirmed-

Areyon3339 · 2 years ago

This is actually good.

This was genius, just fantasti


Poor Track Design · 2 years ago

I liked that Digimon guy at the start.

bumblefumble · 2 years ago

pls play many dlc again yes

Snailpower · 2 years ago

This is actually one of the most fun games I have played. Gr8 game m8, 8/8 IGN, PC gamer, ubisoft got rekt

gud job m8 i meeself am having muntage parody elements in my retail game

chazede · 2 years ago

8/8 m8 gr8 game it was well worth the w8 will play again at a l8r d8.

NanShanker69 · 2 years ago

10/10 - IGN

For once IGN was right and wasn't getting paid to write reviews on video games because the whole industry is corrupt, haha.. AYY LMAO #GamerGate , Anyways.. Nice work Andy I think the GOTY is well earned on this dank meme.

JordanFitz · 2 years ago

10/10 would mlg again

mkl · 2 years ago

Man, I wasn't expecting much from this game but, this game is really well made.

Best game I played yet on 7DFPS 2014

10/10 would noscope shrek in the face again

braaiins · 2 years ago

Best plotline ever


Seriously, one of the best games I played, it is amazing!

My ears and eyes went poof.

wow/10 would develop again.

ereface · 2 years ago

10/10, would make ears bleed again

dankmeme · 2 years ago

g8 m8 i r8 8/8

MayMayMaster420 · 2 years ago

Better than AC: Unity 8/8 ****

stvb95 · 2 years ago

"Nice meme" - IGN

holy shit, this made my bloody year. best game.
best game
hot or not 10/10
best game

no seriously, this is actually incredibly well made. amazing

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