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A topic by 1000tongues created Oct 26, 2018 Views: 347 Replies: 3
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Hello all -

I've had a week full of other work, but have been dinking with a 7dfps thingy. The idea is to learn a bit and try out a few things rather than an amazing game idea. Here's a level generating:

So far I have:

  • Generating level from prefabs
  • Deterministic generation when using the same seed
  • SabreCSG for building the prefabs
  • Custom FPS player controller (a little wonky here and there)
  • Entity system with 2D/Doom sprites
  • Sprites drawn w/ billboard and animation sorted out entirely in shader
  • "Look-frobbing", see gif below

Maybe I want to place some mystery clues or NPCs in the level? I dunno where this is going.

Anyway, everyone else, feel free to post a status here!


Looks great. Could be the base for something like a murder mystery game. I realized that your level generation is the first I've seen using 45 degree angles. Usually everyone keeps it squared off, but the angled paths look cool. Was that tricky to pull off?

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This looks great! I'm always down for a bit of whodunnit in a mansion.
The generation does look quite fun too. 

Hey there, thanks for the encouraging words!

The generation actually uses prefabs. Each have an arbitrary number of doorways which can have any orientation, so when it looks 45-degree-ish, it's because I only bothered to build rooms with 90 and 45 degree doorways. More angles coming once I sort out the building process.