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HARD MODE: no-kill challenge

A topic by McFunkypants created Oct 20, 2018 Views: 683 Replies: 13
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If you think you are creative enough, I challenge you to make an amazing fast action shooter where you don't HURT anyone; can you think outside the killbox to make something fun without blood and gore and hate? I bet you can't. If you can, you are a game design god.

P.S. Have fun, and please note that I fully respect and play bloody gory violent games all the time and will NOT look down on violent games, this is just a fun creative challenge. BLAST FREELY, gamedev friends! YOU choose what to do, there are no wrong answers.

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Here's my idea for the jam:

"GUNSEED!" an explosive fps where you shoot SEEDS into the mud,
blast WATER onto plants, MACHINEGUN pollen everywhere,
toss plantfood GRENADES, and reap the souls of wheat with your razor sharp SCYTHE

Another fun idea would be "INSULT FIGHTING"inspired by Monkey Island Sword Fights


Or how about cake or ice cream decorating with icing blasters and sprinkle cannons!


Or how about an ARCHERY GAME starring cupid?


Or a NATURE PHOTOGRAPHY game with a telephoto zoom sniper mechanic!


Good luck! 

More awesome non violent FPS action ideas that friends on twitter suggested:

- Play a medic on a battlefield. Completely unarmed, you must run out into artillery fire to render aid and drag wounded comrades back to safety.

- ghostbusters style ectoplasm ghost trapping shooter - don't cross the streams!

- Firefighter in a skyscraper! strategically spray water and rescue civilians

- TAGGER! spray painting shooter, can you cover the town in art while evading the fuzz?

- Litter blaster: zap butts to clean up the city

- Frisbee golf, or play golf with the balls shot from a golfshotgun

- Snowball fights!!!

- Finally, think of nerf/splatoon/paintball: options aplenty if you want the same feel as a military shooter with less gore: paint/slime/water


I like the challenge, I hope we see plenty of non-violent FPS's! The medic in a war zone idea is particularly great.

I'm making a one-kill game, I want to try to give some weight to the act of killing, and the consequences. It's supposed to be like The Old Man and The Sea but with a deer in the Scottish highlands.

Sweet ideas, I'm really hoping we see some unique FPS experiences as well!

Yeah I am trying to make a small immersive sim like dishnored. I can already loot money and have the blink skill !

The Idea of killing no body can be cool !


Challenge accepted :)


My entry (Photo Copy) is about walking around and photographing art.


In Fabric 2 you have a railgun and bhop around but it's actually a puzzle game.


Fight evilness with the power of love in Evil, My Friend !


Check out Just Like Surf, inspired by the surf mode of Counter Strike.


Challenge accepted! Although, it's not a shooter at all. HyperOptic: First-Person Simulation. My entry is a fiber optic inspired racing game.


Witness ghostly figures in the storm

We did something about this idea!

You can't kill your enemies, but you can reduce their mobility by distorting their body........... ok, yes, creepy and still very violent, but we tried...