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Willing to help anyway I can!

A topic by DahrunXO created Mar 26, 2018 Views: 133 Replies: 1
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I am game dev class at Edinburgh College. One of the class assignments is to contribute to a jam team. I am here ready to contribute to your jam project in any way you like, either by joining your team or completing a single task.

Not only will this help your project, it will also give a future game dev some experience of remote collaboration and production practice, so you'll be doing a good deed! ;)

Reply if you want help with:

  • 2D art, from sprites to logos to backgrounds
  • Non-game art assets such as website content, promo images, icons
  • Making or sourcing free textures
  • Basic coding in C# for Monogame

Anything you want help with, ask! (But also, please don't be offended if we take up your request.)

Not very experienced however willing to try!

Thank you.