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Inviting Fellow #Artists, #Writers, #Musicians, #Programmers, #Storytellers, #Designers, #Psychologists, #Gamers, #Musicians, #ProjectManagers, #Creators @ UNC Charlotte and around the area!

Come be part of being a Game Developer if you haven't tried making a game but always wanted to be a part of the process of making games or use your talents. If you are a part of #GameDev already, come "level up" again with everyone by making games in our meetings and keep coming back for more!

Looking for Reasons why you should join #GameDev?
* You can Collaborate, Learn, Create, and Inspire people by making Games. No prior experience is required.
* It's excellent way to defeat boredom.
* Make that game you always wanted to make.
* Expand on your ideas, get feedback, and create even more excitement in your games.
* There are two 49hr Game Jams with 49hrs of fun-filled and non-stop semi-competitive video game creation drama opportunities...And one in-between to compete with the world in the Global Game Jam with food included for members and competition participants!
* Engage in the local Game Dev community!

The 49er Game Jam is a game development marathon open to all skill levels open to all students.  A theme will be semi-randomly chosen based on your suggestions, and then you will be set loose to design and create a game based around that theme.  You'll have 49 hours (from Friday evening to Sunday evening) to finish the job.

Typically you will want to work in a group; plenty of people of all experience levels will be looking for group members, so don't be worried if you don't have a group going in. If you want to work alone, that's fine too.

This event is open to all UNCC students. Food will be provided all weekend. It will be tons of fun and we hope to see you there!

The game jam theme this year is "Musical."

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Monsters stole your music and you must get it back.
Beethoven's Out for Blood!