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IRC channel: #48secret on irc.freenode.net

A topic by fluffrabbit created Jul 27, 2017 Views: 97 Replies: 7
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I didn't see anything about an IRC channel so I went and joined #48secret on irc.freenode.net.

I did not claim ops and I am not claiming that this is the official 48 Secret channel, I just thought that every good jam should have an IRC  channel.

EDIT: So it is the official IRC channel.

Host (Edited 1 time)

well, this is the official channel. It's the first time I am hosting this Jam. So if someone could help me with some stuff I oversaw, I would be really thankful 

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I might have commented in IRC right after you left so I'll paraphrase my suggestions (I've never hosted one either).

Website outside of itch.io (completely optional). Active Twitter channel (the #48Secret hashtag is not returning anything relevant). Rewrite some of the text (phrases like "you dot have to be an artist or super musician" don't sound fluent). Build grassroots involvement through online outreach. I'm going to hang around the LudumDare channel to see if anyone is looking for an alternative jam, for instance.


thanks dude, I'll do that stuff

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No problem. Here are some of the paragraphs rewritten to sound more fluent:

You don't have to be an artist or super musician to win. All you need is a great idea that is very fun to play and has something to do with the topic. A jury will be voting on your game. Each game will be played for 15 minutes by the jury, unless the game is very fun to play. So you could make a long storyline game, but I recommend not taking the risk.


The topic will be randomly chosen by the jury. When the jam starts, all the participants will receive an email that contains the topic.


Of course none of the jurors can really check any of this. But please, to keep this contest fair, make sure you're following the rules. If you win by not using the rules, you didn't really win. Of course no one knows, but deep inside you know you didn't win.


The results are shown 3 days after the end of the jam. The winner will not win a big prize, but s/he will receive the honor of winning the 48 Secret Jam, beating all the other developers, and winning the first 48 Secret Jam.


In English the months you listed are: July, September, October, December, March, April, June


Wow Thanks dude, you're really helping me with this


ow wow, iam really stupid. i wrote july and march in dutch XD

No, certainly I am the stupid one. I have entered countless jams over the last 3 years and haven't completed a single entry in time. I look forward to seeing smarter people's entries.