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THEME: You are the monster.


The "2D Game Jam!" will be every week.

This is a game jam where you will make a 2D game in 3 days based on the theme. The rules are the usual game jam rules.





1. You can make the game with a team or solo.

2. The game has to be inspired by the theme.

3. Make the assets yourself or which you made previously or use assets from the internet.

4. The game has to be made within the time limit.

5. Use any game engine.

6. Have fun! :D


Start date: Tuesday 6:00 PM EEST

End date: Friday 6:00 PM EEST






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you are a mind controling monster controling the lights of the humans
Game about getting older!
You are a monster and you have an heart. Humans want to break your heart.
Fun, Addictive, Simple, HTML5,
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#2DGAMEJAM #2dgamejamnoass
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