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Submitted by Necavare — 11 hours, 24 minutes before the deadline

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2 Colors#44.7694.769

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Me - Isaiah

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Some concepts I liked from greatest importance to least importance:

* I liked the fact that the mouse was incorporated to aim and shoot at enemies. Using the mouse allows the player to move the gun more precisely. This is advantageous for the player because the player can more accurately point the gun at the enemies.

* The sound effects for the player's guns sounded like the gun sound effects in good video games. These gun sound effects were pretty realistic . I like how the sound effects that occur when the player starts to hold the shoot button are slightly different from the sound effects that occur when the player keeps on holding to the shoot button.

* The AI for the enemies was not bad as it provided challenge for the player since it could follow the player and shoot the player.

Some concepts that I did not like from greatest importance to least importance:

*I would have liked the game to have explained the controls to the player even though the controls are written in the game page. This would make the game look more professional and polished. This would also make it more convenient for the player. Before I played the game, I read the instructions. While I was playing, I forgot some of the instructions. I had to go out of the application, reread the instructions, and then go back into the game. This was unnecessarily inconvenient and frustrating.

* I think there should be a button that allows the player to exit full screen mode. This is because this would it make it more convenient for the player to look at other applications while playing the game.

* Arrow keys should also be allowed as movement as well. I like using the arrow keys rather than the WASD keys as I have grown up using them to play many computer games. Allowing players to use the arrow keys for movement would make the game more accessible for players that like using the arrow keys. 

* The gameplay is boring because it fails to tell the player how much health they have. Since the game does not tell me how much health I have, I never feel tension and pressure when I am about to die since I do not know if I am about to die. 

* The gameplay is also boring because scores do not really motivate me anymore. I have grown tired of endless runners a long time ago. I do not find trying to achieve good scores a really strong incentive since it is an endless pursuit and there is no final achievement of accomplishment. 

* The gameplay is also boring because there are no varieties of enemies. Fighting the enemies feels like grinding, and it feels unpleasant as it is a repetitive task that does not really have any reward.

* I do not like the death screen of the game. This is because I can still move around even though I am dead. Also, when I press the shoot button, the gun soundeffects play but no bullets come out. This mechanic seems like a bad glitch. 

* The UI of the game makes the game feel less polished, professional and it ruins the feel of the game and makes the game look unpleasant to play. I would like more detailed UI (for example: labeling the score during gameplay rather than just writing the value of the score). Also, when switching guns, why is the space between the score and the gun name different? 

* I do not see the necessity of making the player have two guns. Each gun does not seem to have a unique advantage. When I was playing, there really was no strategy of when to use each gun. The guns are not too different. Adding a second gun was an unnecessary addition to the game. It does not make the game more fun as it does not really add a layer of strategy to the game.

* Finally, I do not like the borders of the game. When I was touching the borders and it would not allow me to move, I thought it was a glitch. The game would be better if it allowed the player to know if it was touching a border so the player will not think a glitch occurred since the border will not allow the player to pass.


I liked how you handled the two weapons, both of them seem useful and have their own advantages. As Lunatic Dancer said, it would be cool to see some borders to know where you can go. I think some indication for the health of your ship would be helpful too.


I like it! The art looks amazing and the gameplay is good. I didn't mind the collisions it didn't ruin the game but maybe you could make the player wrap the screen or bounce off the borders! Cool game!


Very pretty, but I wish the borders were actually shown, because I'm getting stuck on invisible walls.


Thanks! I know the collisions are pretty bad. I didn't really have time to implement smoother collisions. :P