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One more question

A topic by lgeoinc created Sep 11, 2017 Views: 132 Replies: 3
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how many levels is enough. its obvious that we can't make full story thing. i don't know how you work but modeling one character took me over 2 hours. so how short can we keep the game. i want full explanation. i hope that I you won't get angry bc i am new to gamejams and i don't know gamejam fundamentals


The concept of "levels" doesn't really apply to adventure games, but you can make the game as short or as long as you'd like. There is no minimum play time required. Make it long enough to tell some sort of story (adventure games are all about story after all) but beyond that, it's completely up to you.

my story is long as fuck. players will get confused if if i end story early. that can i do?

Host (2 edits)

In a game jam, it's part of the puzzle to whittle your idea down into something that can be done in the time allotted. If your story you've come up with is too long, you could take a self-contained section of it and use that. All long stories are really sequences of shorter related stories. Or you could condense the whole story to only its essential parts. Which way you choose depends on your story.

The thing I would suggest avoiding is sticking a "to be continued" on the end of an unfinished story. That's just annoying.

Flexibility is absolutely essential in a game jam. You can't be too rigid with your story. You have to be prepared to cut parts out. Honestly, even after you have a shorter story you think you can do, you'll often still end up cutting parts out as you see the deadline fast approaching.