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A jam entry

July 15th, 1969View game page »

This is how it REALLY went down
Submitted by Glenjamin (@yaboiglenjamin) with 14 hours, 13 minutes before the deadline


CriteriaRankScore*Raw score
Puzzle Design#33.0003.000

Ranked from 3 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Historical Event
The moon landing. It's a game where you fake the moon landing.

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Jam Judge(+1)

I like humor in my games, but some of it landed short. The penis as a cursor is silly, but jokes should be grounded in something related to everything else. Not much to go on for character info. It was pretty one dimensional. The puzzle wasn't very well ordered. Before understanding why you needed certain things from the store, you were allowed to buy them. If you buy the wrong ones, you're screwed. At the very least, there should eb a prompt asking if you're sure you want to spend money on it, making the player aware that your funds are limited. Something I didn't find out until i went and looked in my inventory. The art was alright. In this case, it's hard to judge since I know not everyone is an artist, but parts of it did seem to be rushed while other assets were better drawn. not sure if the walking cycle was on purpose, but that should be straightened out. Decent use of SFX. I'm a fan of adding VO to games, but there should have been some for the character as well.

Best of luck.

Jam Judge

Funny game. I included it in my $101 Adventure Challenge compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)


Somebody with 4k subs finally plays one of my games and its the shitpost  :^>


Well, what to say about this masterpiece?

A phenomenal game: the animations are perfect, the humor is subtle and mature, the story is intricate and full of intersting twists. I recommend this to everyone!

Only thing I didn't like about it is that you need to watch the intro every time you start a new game.


Thanks,  Stay cool.   B^)


I think there's a slight issue that needs clarification:

Dicks and Dick Related items

There is a grand total of 7 girthy dick jokes throughout the entirety of the game.

I intended them to be taken ironically.  The goal was to give the game a shitposty feel to it, when in actuality the game took quite some time and got really complex.

You can see this in other elements like the store: "Welcome 2 stoooooooooor :)" ,the actor's various costumes and especially talking to the secratary when she says "Writing is unnecessary".

I never expected this reaction to be perfectly honest.  Different strokes for different folks  :^)

I'll add a "circumcised: July 15th 1969 UNCUT"  version which removes the pee-pees


The amount of effort put into this game was not lost on me. It's quite well made as I say in the first line of my review below. I think one of the main things provoking this reaction is that the pointer itself is a cock. Since you use the pointer to do everything, this paints the entire game with cocks despite there being other things going on. I suspect just changing the pointer would tone it down enough for a lot of people.

But yes, it is a good quality game that is quite complex and I had fun playing it.

Host (Edited 1 time) (+1)

Well... what to say about this. Despite the fact that much of the content is a bit off-putting, it's a surprisingly well made game.

The art style and animations are goofy, but well within the bounds of acceptable, especially since it's consistent.

The game design is well done. I like that you have to spend your money wisely or else you fail, and then you have to figure out for yourself that you failed and decide to start over. I like games that allow you to fail. It kind of sucks you have to watch the relatively long intro every time you restart though. The brief action sequence is well-placed also.

The voice acting is actually pretty good and adds a lot to this game. It's a bit jarring that the protagonist isn't voice acted though. He's the only person in the game who speaks silently. Other than the voice acting, though, this game is pretty sparse on sound. Some more sound design would help it a lot.

The primary negative aspect of this game is its over-reliance on dick jokes. I'm no prude, and even enjoy blue humor probably more than most, but the one-note writing just made an otherwise quality game seem cheap and half-assed. There are a few moments in this game that are actually funny, like the crack dealer selling cameras instead of crack because crack hasn't been invented yet, and then the Russians steal the camera because they're trying to fake the moon landing before the Americans do. Now that's funny. I wish there was more of that kind of writing and fewer penises.


Good potential, but the dick jokes made me close the game after 1 minute.


My mother told me that when I was born


The humor is juvenile, and there is nothing clever about it. Ironically, despite being 90% dick jokes the humor itself is pretty limp. Though, the idea of faking the moon landing on a tight budget is pretty funny.

The voice acting is decent. Don't use text-to-speech, that just comes off as desperate.

Make the intro skippable. It's like you don't want me to replay your game.

Graphically it's enough for a Lucas Arts point-and-click parody. The animations are actually spot-on.

Good luck with your future games.


The joy I got out of scribbling dicks everywhere like a child made it worth it .  Thanks for the feedback.