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This is our 2nd Autumn and 1st Ranked Game Jam! Our company's name is Firith, a name which means late autumn in the elvish language Sindarin (Lord of the Rings). So we like the Harvest season. It can be a comfy and spoopy time of the year. If you like Fall foliage, straw bales, gourds and pumpkins, and so on, this is the Jam for you!  

The Theme

The theme is what makes this game jam special. It's required that you incorporate the theme in order for it to be considered an official entry. This jam's theme is AUTUMN. Grab your overalls, get your rakes, and start planting those pumpkins!

Optional Mechanic:

Day & Night System:

Using D&N system can add another dimension to your game, especially one set during Autumn. Perhaps monsters spawn in during various hours of the night, or maybe you can only finish a quest at 6 AM game-time. At the very least, using a Day and Night system might improve the aesthetic value of your game jam game.

Optional Palette:

Indecision (Get the Palette Here)

The Rules

Make sure to read them! ;)

  • Keep it clean and friendly for everyone: No NSFW, gore, inappropriate, or hateful content
  • You can work as a Team or go Solo.
  • You can ONLY work on your game between  Sept. 1st - Sept. 21st of  this year (Game must be created during jam!).
  • NEW: Game updates during voting is prohibited.
  • You may use pre-made Asset Packs if given permission or license permits
  • Entries that don't follow the Autumn or Harvest Theme will be removed
  • Read and follow the above rules.

Our Community

Use the hashtag  #GreatAutumnGameJam2021 to  help spread Game Jam awareness!

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See some our games on our official YouTube channel.

You can also check out our website Firith.Studio !

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