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3D Animator @ Blue Otter Games

Job description

This is for a 3D animator who is proficient in making smooth loop animations in Daz Studio or using a Daz duf file to make the animation in another studio.

Please message Best Otter in the Galaxy from Discord to apply.

Core responsibilities

Your core responsibility is to make a smooth looping animation using the assets in the provided duf. You have to be able to find and download the assets. We have the licenses for the assets, so you just need to be able to find and download them.


-Professional proficiency in Daz studio, Blender, or other akin applications

-Experience working on a Visual Novel with at least a few samples to look at

Additional information

This is, of course, a paid job. You are going to be paid per animation. We can discuss your rate in Discord. And please be available immediately and for the long run. This project is currently in Season One and the plan is to keep making seasons of this game and more games.