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Developer @ TPSG

Reno, NV, USA

Job description

TPSG is hiring Game Developers and Programmers! We are looking for someone committed to developing quality games, and constantly improving upon your skills.

TPSG Devs breathe life into the game, changing it from a simple concept to a sturdy well designed work of art. Devs are the backbone for our company and will be needed throughout multiple tasks.

Core responsibilities

Developers are in charge of game design, development, and core mechanics. They are to work with artists creating a smooth experience for the player. As a dev, you are the one in charge of your schedule and efficiency (In an appropriate manner)


-- Must have basic knowledge --

- Unity / Unity documentation

- C# language

-- Extra knowledge useful --



- Java Script


- Game / UI design

Additional information

- As of now, TPSG does not provide any official payment or salary to employees but does provide a basic source of income relative to work / percentage of game sales.