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Senior/Lead Producer @ ClassDojo

San Francisco, CA, USA

Job description

ClassDojo is looking for a producer to join our internal social game studio. With millions of kids already active on the platform, we’re building a user-customizable sandbox world where kids can push the limits of their creativity and collaborate in playful, emergent ways. 

As our first production hire, you’ll lead the way in building an efficient game studio; working on initiatives from early concepts to live operations. 

Core responsibilities

  • Lead our development process by creating candid communication across not only our game teams, but also with the rest of the company.  
  • Drive our teams towards structure, responsibility matrices, and processes that fit the needs of the kids on our platform.  
  • Establish best practices on operational excellence across all disciplines, including how we work with external partners.  
  • Break down complex features into understandable roadmaps and schedules that help us balance discovery, quality, and reliability.  
  • Sniff out and help resolve any roadblocks or bottlenecks that get in our way, including dependencies, misaligned expectations, or stakeholder consensus and decisions.  
  • Create a positive and inclusive team culture as we build the virtual playground of the future.  


You might be a good fit if:

  • You have 3+ years of professional experience in a production role on games teams driving features that players experience directly.
  • You have 5+ years professional experience in a production, project, or process focused role in consumer-facing industries.  
  • You have worked on early stage game projects.
  • You enjoy breaking ground on complex projects with lots of moving parts, and seeing those projects through to completion.
  • You enjoy bringing teams together to get things done.
  • You’re passionate about building a better virtual space for kids.


  • You have a background in other gaming disciplines such as design, engineering, or art.  
  • You’ve worked on kids games or products, whether for education, entertainment, or both.  
  • You’ve worked on mobile or social games.
  • You’ve worked on live service games in a post-launch state.
  • You’ve worked on a technical product outside the games industry. Better yet if this includes a platform.
  • You’ve worked with external as well as internal teams.

Additional information

ClassDojo's mission is to give every child on Earth an education they love.

We started by building a network that connects teachers, children, and families. ClassDojo’s flagship app is the #1 communication app connecting K-8 teachers, children, and families, globally. They use it to share what’s happening throughout the day through photos, videos, messages, and activities. It is actively used at an unprecedented scale: in over 95% of US schools, reaching ~51 million children in ~180 countries, all built by a team of 65 people. We are now beginning to use this network to give kids the best learning experiences in the world, far beyond those a standard school can provide. Our game studio represents an important piece of expanding upon that. Classdojo is a remote-friendly team with a culture built upon candor. Employees are trusted to act in our shared best interest.  Come drive a future for kids where play and learning come together!