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Unreal: Senior Game Developer @ Holodexxx

Toronto, ON, Canada

Job description

As Senior Game Developer, you will work with Development Leads to carry out and accomplish strategic company goals and directives. Your role will require you to prototype new game logic and design systems; improve and support underlying code architecture; design and implement new features through C++ and blueprints; develop for virtual reality and other XR technologies. Our team is passionate about creating the most realistic experiences in VR. We’d love to have you onboard if you share the same passion! Work remotely with a flexible schedule and a highly competitive compensation package, starting at $90K / year.

Core responsibilities

  • Complete tasks and objectives set out by management using modern game development and programming standards
  • Design, maintain and improve gameplay logic and gameplay systems
  • Create custom plugins and UE4 build packages
  • Manage code base via Github
  • Implement new game logic and gameplay features inside of Unreal Engine projects
  • Develop support in UE4 for 3rd party software and hardware devices


  • Strong communication and problem solving skills
  • Demonstrate ability to develop high-quality interactive content
  • 5 + years of experience with Visual Studio, C++ and Unreal Engine 4
  • A passion for building high-quality games / interactive experiences, preferably for VR

Additional information

Holodexxx is where adult content meets cutting edge technology.  We are working towards the goal of successfully digitizing adult stars and meeting the expectations of tomorrows adult consumers. If you're passionate about adult content, and bleeding edge technology, this is where you want to be.