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Senior/Lead Developer Relations Manager - Perks Program @ Manticore Games

San Mateo, CA, USA

Job description

Manticore Games is the developer of Core, a platform and community that is redefining how virtual worlds and games are created, published, and played. Core’s mission is to empower and discover a whole new generation of creators.

We are looking for an experienced Developer Relations professional to help Core’s top creators achieve success. The Perks Program refers to Core’s top creators, who have access to monetization and have a proven track record of creating on Core. Your role is to oversee Manticore’s relationships with these creators, helping them to grow their audience, improve their games, and monetize. Knowledge of Core is a must.

Core responsibilities


  • Create new programs to incentivize, retain, and assist Core’s most prolific and successful creators
  • Develop strategy for retaining VIP creators who are not yet established on Core
  • Maintain relationships and CRM strategy, keeping up to date on existing and new projects
  • Ensure high level of rapid technical support for VIP creators
  • Facilitate creators developing games for Developer Relations and Marketing programs, such as player tournaments, celebrity guests, and influencer partners
  • Be a strong advocate within Manticore for top creators
  • Manage training and knowledge transfer initiatives that appeal to creators who know Core better than anyone
  • Work with international DevRel lead to ensure non-English speaking creators are happy and productive
  • Establish practices for growing the Perks DevRel team as new creators join



  • 5+ years experience in developer relations, platform evangelism, or community management
  • Comfortable skills with Lua or a similar scripting language
  • High emotional intelligence and growth mindset
  • Very strong writing skills, both technical and nontechnical
  • Proven experience growing developer, creator or modder communities
  • Familiarity with game engines, platforms and modding tools such as Unity, Unreal, Minecraft, Fortnite Creative, and Roblox


  • Strong presence on social media and in key creator forums
  • Preexisting relationships with game creators
  • Bachelor’s degree in a technical discipline or equivalent experience/education