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Senior Full-stack Web Engineer (Reactjs) @ Multiverse

Fully remote!

Job description

We're seeking a full-stack, web engineer to join our engineering team!

You'll be joining a team of 4 engineers working on cutting edge game dev that mixes frontend React UI with webGL accelerated graphics.

As an engineering team, we are deeply ambitious. We built our own web-based engine, UI library, character generator, game CMS, combat system and more.

We think a lot about our craft as engineers. We involve everyone deeply in the product & design cycles, so you have input into what we build and why we're building it.

When it comes to the process of building, we strive towards the minimal amount of process needed to get things done. We build a lot of infrastructure in our code, so it feels like you can do a lot while writing relatively little.

You'll have deep institutional support, our founding team has two MIT engineers and we know what it takes to make a great engineering team and product.

Core responsibilities

This position will focus on full-stack feature development using Javascript, React, Node & Firebase. You will work closely with our game and UI designers to scope and define features and then implement them end-to-end. Your code will primarily be related to game logic, but may interface with the game graphics engine. 

You will own specific features that you build and overtime grow into owning a large part of the player experience (the scope of this ownership, we will define together).


  • Highly skilled in React & frontend engineering. We don't care about years of experience, but we're building something challenging and want to make sure you can land on your feet.
  • Good at communicating, both on the technical and personal level. Great team members are skilled and a pleasure to work with.
  • A gamer at heart, however you define that. As long as you love playing and want to help other people play, you'll be a great fit.
  • Quick at learning new frameworks and thinking from the basics, we believe deeply in making our own tech.

Additional information

Our goal is not only to build a totally new kind of platform, but also a new kind of game company. We're fortunate to be well-funded and backed by some of the best investors in the industry, who have funded (or founded!) companies like Twitch, Oculus and PubG. We will continue to build a diverse team, and give them incredibly opportunities, room to grow, and strong support. We want to be the best job any of us have ever had. That means:

  • We're fully remote! You can be based anywhere. Most of our players are based in the US, and our team is split between PST and EST time zones.
  • Diversity & inclusion is a core part of our mission & you'll see that reflected in our team.
  • We don't believe in crunch. We set ambitious goals but always leave ourselves wiggle room. We believe in making space for vulnerability and taking care of the team first.
  • We make time to get to know each other & play games together.
  • Our benefits are comprehensive & really strong.

You can see what our game looks like on our Twitter: