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Mid / Senior Unity Game Developer @ SAI Games

Sydney NSW, Australia

Job description

Please read and apply via our website:

SAI Games is a veteran indie team working remotely from Sydney, Australia.   We seek an awesome coder-collaborator for great justice on our indie game -
TopplePOP : Bungee Blockbusters is a puzzle-battle game akin to Tetris and PuyoPuyo, but with physics, teamplay and bendy animal acrobats on bungee cords.   

TopplePOP : Bungee Blockbusters on Steam

Official selection:  Bitsummit 2020,  PAX Online Indie Showcase,  Tokyo Game Show Indie Area,  Busan Indie Connect 2020 

Pre-Alpha Demo on Steam:

Core responsibilities

  • Make games.   Play games.    Make one particular game at a time and play it, a lot.
    ( “game development” )
  • Talk about games and what makes them good.  Talk about making games and how to do it better as a team.
    ( “communication, collaboration” )
  • Make bad games quickly.

    ( “rapid prototyping” )

  • Play bad games.   Complain about them in detail and make them better.

    ( “playtesting, bugtesting, reporting and debugging” )

  • Make awesome games slowly.

    ( “iterate, refactor and optimize prototypes into shippable games that perform well and pass platform certification” )

  • Ship games.  Launch games.  Launch shipped games.

    ( “do launch parties” )

  • Devise better ways to make things, together.

    ( “share knowledge. check assumptions. research, articulate and discuss plans before implementation” )

  • Maybe sometimes collaborate with artists & designers to make things that help us make games.

    ( “tools development” )

  • Be a little bit boring at times, but vitally important.

    ( “organise, document and maintain codebases in a manner conducive to a highly collaborative coding environment” )

  • Use your powers for good

    ( “go beyond game dev. do side-projects to benefit society and the ecology” )


  • Moderate to high proficiency using C# in Unity for game development
  • Remote work & communication skills
    ( we use text, voice chat and screen-sharing to make plans, playtest and solve problems together )
  • Confidence using version control systems
    ( we use git )
  • A solid practical understanding of game design concepts 
  • Trustworthy, reliable, with an inclusive attitude
  • Comfortable working in a small team with broad responsibilities
  • Keen to learn and teach, help us improve as a team
  • To have worked on at least one released game

Additional information

We make deep, accessible, wholesome games.   Our team works 4-day weeks with the belief that work-life balance improves insight and productivity - our version of “crunch” is that we might work 5 days if we choose.   We value diversity and donate a portion of our time and profit to charities benefiting ecological sustainability and indigenous communities.   We insist on fair pay for all team members and profit share for long-term contributors.

Please read and apply via our website: