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Welcome to the job board @

San Francisco, CA, USA

Job description

Welcome to the job board. We're using this post to show you what a job board post could look like (sorry we're not hiring at the moment!). We encourage you to fill out as many fields as possible when creating your own listing to ensure people are able to find it on our jobs page and candidates feel confident about the position they're applying for.

Here are some useful links:


  • Who is the job board for? Our monthly plan is for teams and companies that pay living wages or have hiring budgets who wish to find candidates among's developer community. Job listings are for paid full time or contractor positions.
  • Do you have a reduced rate for small teams? We'll be launching an indie plan for individuals or 2-3 person teams with limited or no budget. Please keep in mind that this job board is for paid employment positions, if you can afford to hire a contractor or employee then we encourage you to select the appropriate plan.
  • Can I post an unpaid position? This job board is for posting paid positions for people seeking employment. If you'd like to find a team for a game jam or casual project then we recommend posting on our community message board.
  • Can I post small one-off gigs? The job board is for employment opportunities. If your project's budget doesn't meaningfully contribute to someone's cost of living then it probably isn't appropriate for this job board. Try our community message board where you can post for free.

Core responsibilities

Use this section to talk about what the candidate will be responsible for in general. A good job post not only lists responsibilities but also explains why they are relevant to the success of the company or team.


Use this section to talk about technologies, skills, or knowledge that is important for a candidate to have. A good job post includes details about which qualifications are flexible, and what opportunities candidates will have to learn on the job. Tell the candidate about how you'll help them build any missing skills if they end up taking the job.

Additional information

In this section you should list things you'll provide to the candidate if they accept this position. This could be a certain kind of work culture, amenities like paid lunches, extra days off, or resources for learning.