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#WeeklyGameJam #WGJGame, Get as many marbles into the cups as you can before time runs out
Use magnets to see how far you can go! A Weekly GameJam 19 game.
Simple yet fun game!
Game adaptation of a Randall Munroe's webcomic for xkcd.
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Collect documents and get to a bus stop while trying to stay awake
Game developed for the Global Game Jam 2017
This is a game I developed in 1 hour to the site One Hour Game Jam. Have fun ^ - ^
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A roguelike cover-based shooter game
Perdido nas florestas da besta de vermes, apenas o coração puro abrirá caminho pelas trevas
Action-adventure auto-scroller
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A faux 3D face effect I made in 2013
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A game about milking a grub for all the coin you can get
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A little Fortune Teller game I made in 2013
A game about twirling signs for minimum wage.
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Un juego sobre personas que juzgan a otras personas.​
Interactive psychological thriller made by creators of "A Trip to Yugoslavia"
An everyday tower
A little vignette game
The night sky grows sparce. You are an agent set out to find out what's going on with the disappearing stars.
A naive, spoiled kid. One big, cuddly bear. Nobody could have known what was in store.
Early access, Prototype,
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A Bookshop Owner hears of a Toilet that can Destroy the Stars and sets out to find it.
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