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A fast-paced arcade game about Hamburgers and Vaporwave
a guided relaxation exercise for corporate achievers
Play in browser
Procedural backdrops for an endless vaporwave roadtrip
Boogie with a friend in VR
A rad neon VaporWave Reef
The ultimate Vaporwave experience
An interactive music video app inspired by Lofi and Vaporwave aesthetics.
An interactive mixtape.
A VR tech demo and vaporwave art experience directed by Mercurius FM.
Can you feel the aesthetic?
Explore. Remix. Filter.
Breakout with Vaporwave aesthetics ゟジぢ栄
Flappy Bird clone with more aesthetics.
An out of body experience about jasmine tea
An immersive, psychedelic 360 video experience at the beach!
It's a vapowave-themed breakout demo using the AD2 engine.
A small mall built in 20XX in honor of the muse Clio.​
A WIP bullet hell game
What happens when there is vapour coming out of a red cube?? (れ壱ホ栄乙宴隠 真ィ右扱シ)