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Top Othertagged Sci-fi (126 results)

126 results

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Explore the space station at the edge of the capitalist universe
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Seek asylum in a city full of strange creatures.
How can we make nothing from something?
Lead the first mission into the afterlife—are these just hallucinations, or are you on your way to another world?
A turn-based sci fi / horror roguelike.
text-based cyberpunk brainventure
Finish your masterpiece.
The cheapest and most reliable way to traverse the multiverse!
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In a time when mankind has lost itself, you must find it again by getting through darkness.
stranded on an alien planet with no hope of survival. made for ludum dare 39
A game about building machines.
An top-down multiplayer game based on SCP Foundation.
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The space roguelike series that started it all continues!
A story-driven VR game set on an alien planet where you must assist the natives to gain their trust and help you escape.
Dueling Wizard Gangs! Race for your slice of the city!
Dark Matter Creatures - eat! Eat! EAT!
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Cooperation is a strategy, not a requirement. Make temporary allies, break promises, and watch out for backstabbers
Dream of alternatives to a near-future capitalism
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Do not let media define your thoughts. You are your distractions.
A short game about the victims of space exploration.
Blade Runner/I, Robot-inspired interrogation game
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A virtual reality science fiction blacksmithing game!
The Stickman made of dark matter and ketchup, from Dark dimension of an alternative universe, is cursed to be tortured
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The mad man watches, waits and never lets his prey go free.
a full re-creation of Serenity in VR
Play as an AI designed to remove bad thoughts. An OCD simulator made for Wine Jam 2018.
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