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A *player vs. self* and . *player vs. computer* chess engine implemented with Ren'Py
A "social escape the room" game that takes place in the most difficult place to escape: a college party!
text-based cyberpunk brainventure
Short narrative game based on a Civil War short story
A fan game based on the videos of Supergreatfriend.
A quirky adventure of time travel, love and Cena!
Exciting pilgrimage to the creationist museum
A representative will be with you shortly!
When mystery and clairvoyance collide
It isn't easy being a wolf in a fairy tale forest.
Random 48 hour game by yours truly.
Never could think of a better title. My First Game Jam Summer 2017.
Created for Ludum Dare 38
Fend off the radicals!
erotic 2d strip quiz rock music comic ariane
Did aliens really help build the pyramids? They think so!
The hop that results from this mortal coil unwinding.
A Kinetic Novel about hoarding.
Does what it says on the tin.