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Procedural music generator.
A random character generator for the Fallout games.
Flick Bran Flakes into Tom's mouth while he is verbally abused by his mother.
A cyberpunk-themed touch painting tech demo
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10 PRINT CHR$(205.5+RND(1)); : GOTO 10 #BerlinMiniJam
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Casual and fun to play! See how high you can get with your cube.
Find the thief in the crowd
An emoji memory generator.
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A random dodge the objects game.
Ayuda a este simpático mapache a atravesar el bosque, recogiendo comida y aguantando todo el tiempo posible sin caerse.
Experimental neverending falling experience
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Click to evolve the alligator...
just me learning to make models and crap. But you knock some stuff over I guess.
Much Ado about Chinese Food
A fully random game about war!
random space exploration
A simple Game made for the " Last Minute Jam"
Starfield Generator
Phrases absurdes générées aléatoirement
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A series of game experiments
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Fly the tiny spaceship through the endless space as far as possible
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