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Manic multiplayer hide n seek game where light is both friend and foe!
Here comes the game you play with your face!
Crush your friends or enemies in Head It! Also it's cute.
A Two players local-coop protect the goat!
Game about bouncing boxes.
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Co-op game, harder with more players!
A pair of birds elope down the river on a rusty old kettle.
Eat, Swim & Win!
Closer is a co-operative game that uses the space between two people’s moving bodies as a shared single player.
Competitive and Cooperative Multiplayer
cooperative multiplayer climbing game
Manipulate the game with your trail!
A group sonic activity, guided by Twine.
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Multiplayer digest 'em all
Escaping party anxiety in an n-player local co-op multiplayer game! Made during #trainjam2016!
Party game for 3-∞ players. Navigate the maze using others' eyes. (Global Game Jam 2016)
A digital puppetry storytelling experiment.
Work together each flailing joints on one arm, trying to collect points and avoid obstacles.
Local Co-Op Heal 'Em Up
Purikura! Keyboard wars! CATS! We've got everything.
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Massive local multiplayer game about prayer
Local Co-op (or not) game about finding your beloved one on a zombie apocalypse.
See the madness of what your peers think in secret chalk writing
The video-game's blind-test
Ever wanted to drive a ship full of cargo and yell at your friends?
A multiplayer co-operative game with chickens from out of space.
The blind player stumbles through a strange world, guided by three voices each with their own perspective.
A very hot space date with meteors and space stuff
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Redirect a laser towards attacking ships. Entry for Happy Valenbirthversary GameCraft 2015
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